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In response to the many hypocrites who decry Russian morality & reporting censorship -

"So, as the Western media increasingly fails to suppress the gruesome reality of Ukraine’s military failures, it's unfortunately likely that Kiev will increase attempts to deliver some sort of impact elsewhere, and despite reports that Ukraine’s targeted assassinations have likely left a bad taste in their NATO handlers’ mouths, its equally unlikely that they are in any position to restrain the brutal apparatus they have been so instrumental in creating. While Kiev’s Western partners publicly evangelize values like freedom of speech, democracy, and the rights of the individual, privately they arm, train, and intimately collaborate with an organisation that now openly boasts of carrying out terror attacks against civilian infrastructure and political adversaries, cynically targeted for simply disagreeing. All things considered, it’s now absolutely obvious that Western moral outrage mysteriously evaporates at the Russian border, with no crime against Russians, or those calling for balanced debate, being unforgivable in the West. Sadly, it seems NATO’s proxies in Kiev are determined to license, facilitate, and then ignore increasingly sinister and brutal “operations” by the SBU and its paid accomplices, with Washington’s and Brussels’ willful “a-la-carte” attitude to morality remaining as stunning as it is indefensible."

Zelensky's terror team: Why the West looks the other way when Ukraine's secret murder squad kills journalists and activists []

You're proud disingenuous scum & douchebags rotting in your own turpitude.

FrayedBear 9 Sep 18

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Did you get your training with the old KGB with Putin? You are such a tool.

Lol, ROFL. My training came from decades of American duplicity & WMD. You only have yourself to blame.


The drone attacks that Ukraine has launched at Russian targets inside Russia are only symbolic, designed to let the Russian people know that they are carrying out genocide against their neighbor. How else would they know? A Russian citizen can't even hold up a blank piece of paper in public without being arrested and jailed. Per Putin edict, you can't use the word "war" to describe what is taking place in Ukraine. (There are some Russian citizens who are fed up with their government and have been carrying out attacks against infrastructure targets inside Russia. These have more tactical effect than the drone strikes, but the soldiers involved are Russian partisans, not Ukrainians.) The actions that Ukrainians are taking to defend themselves, and the aid their allies are rendering, are completely justified. AND they're effective! Putin is losing this war.

That must make you one of the not so clever people who watch CNN & read the NYT talked about by Tucker Carlson the other day on this YouTube & f'buk post:


Or YouTube

And considering all the brouhaha over your Jan 06 incidents you're hardly in position to swagger over events happening in Russia.

@FrayedBear What you minimize as brouhaha was an attempted self-coup. And we're dealing with it through the judicial system. Ya see, we have rule of law in the USA, unlike Russia.

Tucker Carlson is a proven liar. Witness the 780 million dollars Fox "News" had to pay Dominion Voting Systems for repeating Trump's lies about the 2020 election.

@Flyingsaucesir Most of the information & commentary & information is given by Colonel Macgregor not Carlson.

I do recall however that CNN & NYT both contributed WMD, words of mass deception from Korea, through Vietnam to Afghanistan, Iraq & Iran. To say nothing of Ukraine, NATO & Russia.

@FrayedBear I'll see your Colonel Macgregor and raise you an Admiral John Kirby, a General Mark Milley, and a Secretary Lloyd Austin. 😂

@Flyingsaucesir do you think that you will live long enough to repay your share, 200-240,000, of the $14trillion debt mentioned in the artice?

And how do you feel about being lumbered by that debt, the fact that Zelenski is over there begging for more having already allowed millions to be stolen from what you have paid?

@FrayedBear First of all, it wasn't stolen; it was freely given. Second, its only 4% of our annual military budget. And the opportunity to shatter Putin's military without any American boots on the ground would be a deal at twice the price.

As for the national debt, eh! It's a big economy. If we get serious about paying it down, it will happen pretty quickly. Remember, Trump basically doubled it overnight with his tax cuts for the rich. Just reverse that, and we'll be on the right track.

@Flyingsaucesir so reports like this don't bother you again []
Kiev’s top general may become subject of criminal probe – BBC []
Regarding your comment:
"the opportunity to shatter Putin's military without any American boots on the ground would be a deal at twice the price." - don't make me laugh - your own US Accountability Office reports on the inadequtely maintained conditions of many US military bases - []

And just to top it off I see that Democrat Senator Menendez is facing bribery charges again.[]

You're country is not only devoid of intelligence but monetarily bankrupt.

@FrayedBear American support for Ukraine is strong and that is not likely to change. Putin is hanging on in the hope that Trumpty Dumpty will get back in the White House, but that is not likely to happen. Indictment on 91 felony counts may not phase die-hard Trump acolytes, but it does not play well with independents: the voters who tip the scales one way or the other. And in addition to the many damning facts that have already emerged, expect the televised trials to yield a lot more revelations and granular details regarding Trump's unethical, criminal, treasonous, and stupid activities. In a nutshell, he's toast. And so is Putin. 😂

@FrayedBear Ukraine hit Russia's naval headquarters in Sebastopol today. 💥 🤩

@Flyingsaucesir I won't hold my breath waiting to learrn if you are correct or notl.


You know that a dog sniffing another dogs butt gets more factual information than someone reading RT?

And a person reading RT gets far more information than someone reading the Washington Post, New York Times, & half a dozen US newspapers whilst watching CNN, ABC or Fox.

You obviously don't read RT otherwise you would know that most of the items published on RT are merely articles produced by worldwide media organisations & not RT.


I witnessed a fight the other day. A bully was beating up a smaller child, and not wanting to accused of being pedophiles, none of the adults wanted to get involved. The smaller child was punched and kicked for several minutes, then he got angry and aimed a punch at the bully which only just contacted. "What a violent little bastard!" the person nearest me hissed. "It just shows that the big one was right to beat him up." Everyone agreed with this, so we watched the bully finish the job. This is Russian morality.

What wonderful sarcasm you share with us.

Reminds me of the story of government in the UK back in the 18th/19th century who when pressured by charitable groups to help the homeless and poor, passed a law that made homelessness illegal.
It was assumed that this meant that they would provide shelters and so forth for the homeless and help them make a new start.
Instead the homeless were arrested and placed (untried) in Workhouses indefinitely and literally worked to death for the crime of being poverty stricken and being aesthetically unpleasing.

The right love to victim blame when their inhuman policies fail to frighten people in to conformity.

@LenHazell53 is that why the USA has the greatest number of civilian prisons & prisoners per 1000 capita in the world? Even greater than China which has 3+ times the population!

@FrayedBear Biden practically invited Putin to take Ukraine, then was taken by surprise when they did. The Americans took their eye off the ball completely.

@David_Cooper no. Simply proved how ignorantly aggressively stupid they are. Why was Russia not invited to join NATO? If it was a member would ukraine be now bleeding?



@David_Cooper of course Ukraine would be bleeding because US wants to get rid of its stockpiles of obsolete munitions & fraudulently charge someone else for the expense.
Doesn't look like your RICO Act is being properly applied. The indictment is long overdue.


Putin invaded for territorial expansion. Just like Hitler, he has done this several times with different countries which he had tried to absorb into Russia. He should be stopped and Ukraine should be supported in the defense of their country. You should never let a power mad dictator go unchecked when he/she starts wars and invades sovereign states to further increase his/her power. If we let it go too far, we will likely end up with WWIII and see nuclear weapons used which would be bad for everybody.

The USA has in pursuit of its hegemony invaded & killed people in more countries in the last 100 years than Stalin or Putin ever has. Let's talk about that & then realise that it is the USA which has the greatest stockpiles of nuclear weapons who is pushing for WWIII !

@FrayedBear The link doesn't work. However, as I had never heard of her, I looked her up and she is generally considered to be a conspiracy nut, from Australia.

@snytiger6 thx fyi. I've now put the transcription in the post. The article is largely based on a Yahoo report of January 2022 based upon BBC interviews, US Secretary of State memoire & other public information. You can also listen to the coauthor reading the report on Soundcloud.

As to what US propoganda says about her on the internet we all know that it is disinformation & more American lies. Lol, try googling FrayedBear & see what they say about me.😱🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


More bullshit from rt.

Do you read anything other than rt?

Yes here's another classic report from CovertAction Magazine (CAM) & its managing director Jeremy Kuzmarov []

Yet another indictment of US crime.

@FrayedBear I read the article you cited. It is another opinion, that like your's is more than suspect.

Try reading Dr Suess, it is much more factual than anything you currently read.

@Alienbeing still denying & casting aspersions because you cannot refute what is written. I also suspect that you mention Dr Seuss because that has been your normal reading material for a long time now.

@FrayedBear I ABSOLUTLY still deny the sources you cite are credible news sources.. I also ABSOLUTLY cast true observations (not aspersions) on socialistic propaganda, which is actually a bundle of lies.

@Alienbeing babble as long as you like but until you supply something to substantiate your assertions we all know that you are simply masturbating your mind.

@FrayedBear What assertions are you referring to?

@Alienbeing these:
" I ABSOLUTLY still deny the sources you cite are credible news sources.. I also ABSOLUTLY cast true observations (not aspersions) on socialistic propaganda, which is actually a bundle of lies."

@FrayedBear You hav reached a new high showing your inability to understand English.

While yes, I did make those assertions, you would have no ability at all to determine if the assertions were correct or not. You can, and do) deny fact all the time so that is not new.

When you can prove incorrect statements, do so, merely stating that you believe a statement to be incorrect accomplishes nothing, however since you really never accomplished anything, one is not surprised.

@Alienbeing "which is actually a bundle of lies" most of what comes out of American mouths is. You're American aren't you.

@FrayedBear Yep, I'm Americn and MUCH smarter than you are.

As I said, when you can prove a lie do so, until then we continue to laugh at your ineptness.

@Alienbeing what's your IQ? 100-120 on a good day?

@FrayedBear Your very poor attempt to avoid an answer is noted. AGAIN... if you have proof of a lie, SHOW IT.

Continued attempts to avoid an answer will clearly show you are little other than a bullshit artist.


I like to think about how I'd feel if I were in others' shoes so that I don't get exposed as a hypocritical fucking asshole. In regards to Ukraine, I think, "If my country was being invaded, would I give one single shit what awful stuff my government had to do to stop it?" And because I make it a habit of not lying to myself, I recognize the answer is no, my government could war crime the fuck out of anything they wanted to stop the invasion.

Stupid idiots who lie to themselves and everyone else on the internet would probably say something else.

There is a little problem with your "honesty" it is Ukraine that is invading Donbass & Crimea both a part of Russia. Furthermore the US mainland was only invaded when the American FNP were dispossessed of their tribal lands by your ancestors - settlers having superior weapons & genocidal intent.

Crimea?!? What the fuck are you taking about? That was annexed, BY RUSSIA, less than a decade ago. You're on fucking crack. You're watching too much RT, bro, and you're losing touch with reality.

And I would have fully supported another country backing the Native Americans and killing the fuck out of all of the colonialists.

@ChestRockfield since 1783 Crimea was part of Russia. In 1954 the USSR transferred it to a no longer existing entity the Ukrainian SSR. Since the 2014 US promulgated Ukrainian government has proven that it is so far removed from the intent of the USSR & Ukrainian SSR as the Catholic church is from bringing pedophiles to justice the current government in Ukraine has no valid claim to Crimea.


Step 1: Is the Ukrainian SSR a sovereign nation?

Step 2: There is no step 2.

@ChestRockfield there is now a 2. I corrected my post.

@FrayedBear That link isn't working, but I assume Sticks & Stones probably applies here. Even if it doesn't, if Russia has a problem with the US, they should deal with the US, not invade and conquer a weaker sovereign nation.

@ChestRockfield I've just been informed that you poor Americans are censored from reading the site so ive amended my post. You can also read the original Yahoo news item at []

@FrayedBear That article only serves to solidify my belief that supporting Ukraine is the correct thing to do. I see nothing wrong with smaller countries wanting to join a pact to protect themselves from the aggression of their larger more powerful neighbors. If Russia didn't want to worry about NATO they should have argumented their behavior and aligned themselves with NATO ideals of protecting the hard-won peace we had after WWII. To me this is like someone next to you putting on a bullet-proof vest, and then you preemptively shooting them in the head in response. I'm fine with any country supplying Ukraine with whatever weapons they want to protect themselves with and drive Russia back over their sovereign border.

It's crazy how you can read that and think Russia is the good guy in this situation.

@ChestRockfield Now you totally identify your agressive ignorance. If NATO is not about US aggression why was Russia not allowed to join it?


@FrayedBear Your article explained why they weren't allowed to join. Don't know why you're acting all confused.


War makes for strange bedfellows, necessitated by political expediency.

"If Hitler invaded Hell, I would make at least a favourable reference of the Devil in the House of Commons."
Winston S. Churchill

Isn't Churchill calling Adolf lower than the Devil like the pot calling the pan black?

They do say vivisectionists prefer politicians to rats, because there are some things that even a rat won't do.

@LenHazell53 thanks I hadn't heard that before. 😁😱

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