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Jesus Saves...

  • BIG MONEY at MENARDS! This week, save 30% an all carpentry tools! Build that outdoor deck you've always wanted.
chucklesIII 7 May 4

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He is using a saw my great grandfather would use. If he can raise the dead and walk on water, you would think he could get himself an electric saw.


Jesus Saves, but Rooney scores on the rebound.


I'm in the planning stages of doggy playgounding my back yard...I could use a woodworker.


Also 15% or more on his car insurance because he switched to Geico.


My neighbor is the head of the local Mosque and they need a lot of woodworking redone, and a carved wooden motif of Mohammed flying to Heaven on his magic horse. I heard Jesus was familiar with Heaven and so he may be the man for the job. I know Allah is generous and would agree for sure, and I'm hoping Jesus' Dad would put differences aside and say it was okay just this once. As long as Jesus didn't go around saying he was the Son of God on this project, the other workmen would get along with him fine. Do you have Jesus' email so I could contact him?

I'm sorry, I don't but rumor has it he's hanging around the Oval office on weekends.

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Carpenter's tools?

Yeah, because you never know when you need to build your own pier to make it look like you're walking on water after the tide comes in.

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