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Have you had a unique date?

I was traveling through SE Asia, and at this point was in Cambodia, a town called Banlung.

A local guy who worked at the hostel I was staying at took me to a nightclub out in the middle of nowhere one night. Was a bit bizarre....

Nevertheless, we got there, went in, and it was pumping!

I was the only non-Asian person in the place. I didn't care; the music was great, and I was dancing away.

Then the crowd parted briefly, and I caught sight of the this woman across the dance floor.....

Well, of course I immediately went and danced with her and her friends.

She had a radiating smile; something I find very attractive.

We danced half the night.

One problem; she didn't speak any English, and I certainly didn't speak any Khmer (Cambodian)!

Her cousin spoke English though.

Her cousin as a translator, we arranged a date. Of course, the cousin was there two as a translator, which was fine by me.

It was a truly unique experience! We all had a really good time; it wasn't awkward at all after the initial meet-up.

We all laughed at each other and ourselves. It was great!!

I took her some flowers at her work the next day, but unfortunately, it was time for me to continue on into Vietnam, my Cambodian visa about to expire.

I never saw her again, but it was one of my favourite dates, and definitely the most unique!

Kreig 7 Dec 9

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I had a date with this girl who spent our first diner conversation talking about cleaning out an old man's foreskin at the elderly home she worked at.
We just sat there laughing at how ridiculous we where at a nice restaurant speaking of such discusting things when we and others are eating.

It actually turned into a pretty good first date. I came to appreciate how forward she was.

I like girls (and boys) who can be so direct and make fun of literally anything and don't show their nasty eyebrows. Sometimes the indirectness and the nosiness of a person can really bother me. But then I just take that lightly too. Haha.


Been sitting here 30 minutes but....... nope.....nothings coming to me....there has to be one in there somewhere, right? Still thinking.... LOL


I was a "local legend" rock musician in the 70s and I was just getting, yeah.


I haven't really had a lot of dates, and nothing very out of the ordinary. I suppose my first serious relationship was off to a funny start when I had to sneak her into my dorm room by way of some basement corridors.


That sounded like fun, Kreig. Here's one of my unique dates. I was working for the government in Washington, DC. I had two roommates at the time. It was the weekend (a Sunday morning) and we were a bit bored, so decided to drive to Richman, VA, the state capital. We were just curious as we'd never been there. It was about a 2-hour drive. We were about 15 minutes outside of the city limits when we noticed a car with three rather nice looking guys around our age. They started flirting with us, and well, we flirted back. Lol

Anyway, when we got into the city, they pulled up next to our car at a stoplight and invited us to lunch at a trendy restaurant. We accepted. Hung out together for about 4 hours and had a blast. They were businessmen who had come to Richmond for a convention, had a rental car and were flying out that evening. Never saw them again.


That was awesome... my most awesome date is with Susie my wife. I already told the story somewhere in here. Mmmmm.... I love the scent and mystery of a woman. Can't say much more without saying to much.


I've never been on a date that ended with a good relationship. I gave up a long time ago.

Please don't give up...????

You have good qualities ,i am sure you will meet someone someday.

I don't even go looking anymore. My life is either work, the gym, or home.


Kreig if only I could meet a guy with your thoughtfulness and sincerity.

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