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LINK Long Story Short: Police Over-Ticketing Poor Communities | The Daily Show - YouTube

Poking fun at how local governments are forced to use ticketing to raise funds ...

Seriously, this is what happens when you cut taxes on the rich... that lost revenue has to be made up and come from somewhere.

snytiger6 9 Feb 12

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Thank you Wanda for telling the truth while also making me laugh.


One of the many barriers poor people face, the USA despite pretending anyone can get ahead is number 27 out of 82 countries in social mobility.


One of the greatest faux pas of 45's administration ("I just made yous (sic) a lot of money" said he.). 55+ corporations paid zero taxes. You & I paid taxes. Mom & Pop paid taxes. Thankfully Biden closed that massive hole. Seems as if 45 wanted to bankrupt America as he has chosen to do for himself multiple times. He will do it again. It is how he treats his contractors.

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