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Sooo now, Russia is recruiting traitors thru the NRA...New Russian Association.


I just puked...


A criminal to run a criminal organization.


Arrogant ass. I've never forgotten how he spoke to Congress 30 years ago.


Hmmm.... hes my choice.


Natural choice!

Coldo Level 8 May 8, 2018

That guy is still alive? He was old as dirt when Regan was in office.

He was in his 40's during the Reagan years. He's 74 now.

@BeeHappy like I said 😉

@paul1967 40's is not old as dirt. You must of been a teen, so that's what you thought then, but should know better now. At 74 that's pretty close to old as dirt tho. Lol


A good choice for the NRA.
Lt Col North has a Silver Star and two Purple Hearts in the service of the USA, a popular TV show on Fox, and his personal life is unblemished.

so medals for a couple days of happenings...traitor to his military career and our government thru Ronnie, but i agree he is a great choice to lead has become a traitor organization.


So very happy for them-a convicted felon-seems about right.




Seriously, I wish I could make this stuff up, I'd make some money!

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