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Am I alone in this?

Ok Pandora right? Opens her box and all of man's trouble come pouring out. The last thing in the box was hope. Does anyone else think that's because hope was the worst trouble in the box? In my life few things have hurt me more than hope.

Folks see hope as a virtue, but isn't hope an expectation? Isn't hope a delusion? Isn't hope a prelude to disappointment?

Somebody explain this to me?

JLFowler 6 Dec 10

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everything is a double-edged sword


Is hope a superstition? I think so. I don't believe in superstition. I believe in action. If you want something to happen, or attain to something; don't hope for it, do something to attain it.


Statistically people who are less realistic about how much they can accomplish are more successful. In other words, people who are more hopeful get more done because they don't let the reality that they likely won't succeed stop them. The trick is to become immune to failure, something I realize is easier said than done.


Banes prison. It’s the worst hell on earth because of hope. But hey silver lining: a few make it out.

Riley Level 6 Dec 10, 2017

Like the unreachable carrot dangling in front of the horse compelled by the greed in its stomach that equine would walk until it dropped just to have that tiny nibble of that what It already knows the taste of.


Let's see:
I hope that people are intelligent enough to get together and clean house at the White House.
I hope people do enough to combat climate change.
I hope evangelicals wise up.
That won't change anything but it makes me feel better. Hope gives me a bit of strength when I need some.

gearl Level 7 Dec 10, 2017

You’re right, hope is an expectation. Expectation for what one perceives as beneficial. Correction: Hope is a DESIRE for what one perceives as beneficial.

Is hope a prelude to disappointment? Hope is an emotion, a positive emotion. It would be hard for me to believe that a positive emotion tends to lead to disappointment. Although, (Hoping) to have something benefit one’s life could potentially be a prelude to suffering. Buddhism is kind of centered around losing your sense of self, the ego, and all expectations and desires, and what’s left should be nothing but happiness, leading to nirvana. This may be what you’re getting at.

Understanding what causes suffering is important. Is it intelligence, persistence, conscientiousness, circumstances, genetics, environment, etc.?

In a way, hope is a synonym for the non-delusional use of the word faith.

I’m not gonna act like I have the answers. I hope all the time, with virtually no success.


Ah - I see it as a life lesson. We can only be disappointed if we do anticipate , or predict an outcome in advance. If ones goes in with an open, accepting mind - disappointment , if any, is greatly reduced.


Like so many things, hope has a good aspect and a bad aspect. In either case, I wouldn’t know how to get rid of it. It sort of comes and goes as it pleases. In the long haul, I’d say hope should not be depended on to produce results, but results can be depended on to produce hope. Make some results. Worry about hope later.

skado Level 8 Dec 10, 2017

When I was a little boy they told me that if at first I didn't succeed, try, try, again. So I kept trying to put the round peg in the square hole, hoping that the square hole would relent and accept the round peg. Then I saw a Bugs Bunny cartoon where he said; "If at first you don't succeed, get smarter." So I looked again at that peg board, hoping to find a hole more receptive of the round peg. --- So are we talking about hope or hope? I love Bugs Bunny, my favorite philosopher. 🙂🙂🙂


hope is an illusion, only positioning & action make it happen.

mzee Level 7 Dec 10, 2017

Hope without action is just as effective as prayer but sometimes hope is all you have in those situations outside our control. Instead of just sitting around moping and hoping, I'd hope you'd get out and do...something! Simply getting your mind off an adverse situation can be very therapeutic!


i think of hope as very general, that things will change in a way that will be at least tolerable. For the most part that is true. Either the environment changes or the person changes and learns to tolerate what may have previously been intolerable. Anticipation implies there is something defined or expected. That is a set up for disappointment as we never know what will be


I'm going to relate my cancer diagnosis and treatment vigil. See if this makes any sense to you regarding hope.

  1. I saw a new doctor for a follow-up to a blood test. I hoped it was nothing serious.
  2. Dr. tells me you are sick with leukemia. If you don't do chemo you'll be dead in 3 weeks. I hoped
    chemo wouldn't kill me.
  3. Dr says I need a bone marrow transplant. Hope they can find a donor.
  4. Hope I survive transplant.

Point being sometimes you need hope.

My thoughts precisely, and thank you for sharing your story <3

Thanks @silvereyes sometimes I think I talk about myself too much-but if it helps someone thats all I care about.


I think you are right. Hope is certainly no a fact. It's uncertainty and possibly dissapointment.


To me "Hope" is a double-edged sword stuck in a bottomless well. Hope keeps you from giving up and in some cases that can be a good thing and in many cases it keeps you stuck and unable to move on with your life. We can't live without it and sometimes, living with it is misery.

Betty Level 7 Dec 10, 2017

It depends on the situation. Hope can help if there truly is an "out" to a bad situation ... but a hindrince if the inevitable is not a good outcome.

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