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Does anybody ever feel that the Universe isn’t cruel or nice?

I’ve seen so many people with horrible lives, but then I see people with wonderful lives. I once used to think the Universe was out to get some people while it was out to reward others, but one day things started making sense to me. Since the Universe isn’t really aware of the treatment of others, it would be hard for it to purposely cause harm to anybody without a specific aim. I’ve come to terms that people with the good lives just happened by chance and not because the Universe favored them. Life appears to be unfair from what I gathered is because the Universe has no specific aim towards people’s lives. Sad truth is maybe the universe don’t always give us what we want and justice isn’t always served. What is your take on this.

EmeraldJewel 7 Dec 10

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The Universe is not nice, not cruel, not benign, and not even indifferent. The Universe has no emotion - it is not a conscious entity. It just IS. Life is random - and yes, some horrible people live great lives and make lots of money, while some very good, honest people with the highest integrity have really bad luck and can barely make ends meet. I'm beginning to think that humanity has structured society to favor the fucked up people, not the meritorious people. Just a thought. Look at the shows on cable like the "Real Housewives" series. These are some really screwed-up people, and yet they live in multi-million dollar mansions. Go figure!

You said that just right. A lot of time I have to tell myself that it isn’t the universe fault for all the fucked up stuff of this world as cheesy as that sounds.


The universe is indifferent. Humans, however, are self-interested and tend towards a sort of us-and-them favoritism that allows for the cruel treatment of others at all stages of life. The cruelty of humanity can be intergenerational, causing some people's entire lives to be horrible, even if they were born healthy and with great potential.

I still believe that this means that the opposite is true. If humanity collectively chose a more humanistic orientation, we could collectively live healthier, happier lives as a result. I can't blame an indifferent universe when I am surrounded by a very self-interested human population.


Well I would say for example if you wanted to murder people and take their stuff it'll only be a matter of time before someone copies your idea and kills you, but if you want good things to happen then you have to prove that it exist without expecting a reward. The people who share your caring nature and commitment for peace will follow and help you when your down cause more people help each other than kill each other and even if lifes not perfect we all get to choose which we want our lives to be based on. I feel like if you've been thru a bad experience than you would have the knowledge to either recreate or change those circumstances. Your living enviroment would have a huge impact on what you do, but I believe if even one could change then he/she would be able to encourage other to too.


You can't have everything you want in life. People think they're entitled to get everything. Free or not. Nope.


it is benign and has no feelings at all. a huge meteor could wipe us out and nothing would change apart from us.


I don't know, but all I can say for sure is that the world AKA Universe makes no f** sense. Horrible people can have wonderful Lives, and wonderful people can have horrible lives. Not a bit of sense in that to me.

It’s so backwards.

Yes, sure as fuck is!


There is no God..because uncle won $800 bucks on a scratch off....and he's like the worst person ....the universe is cruel

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“[T]here is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”
—William Shakespeare, Hamlet


My first thought is you should forget any concerns of how the universe might affect our lives and look within yourself. Have a long, serious conversation with the one person who knows what makes you happy: you.

Some of the happiest people in the world are the most disadvantaged; be it economically, physically, socially or any combination thereof. Sure, having things are great but beyond your basic needs what is it you want? For me its my computers, instruments and some clothes I really like. Of course I want more but overall I'm content with what I have.

What activities make you happy? Consider spending more time doing them. People you enjoy visiting? Visit them more often. Our deepest heart's desire at times can be as simple as a glass of water or a walk in the park.

Happiness can be elusive as well but only so much as we let it be. And there are life's tragedies but, even during these, we can seek solace in others. Possibly more fulfilling is offering solace...the very act of getting out of ourselves can be fulfilling and rewarding.

I am an Agnostic who believes the universe may just be alive and even possibly that ever elusive "god" so many are seeking. However I'm not going to dwell on the idea. Besides the vast number of "ifs" in that remote possibility I know this much: to look beyond myself for anyone or anything to be the source of my happiness is looking the wrong way.

I know what makes me happy. I know who makes me happy. But, even in the absence of anything or anyone else I know I have that choice and I am the only one who can make it.


Emotionless yet full of logic most of the intelligent strive to comprehend.


If you look at the big picture the universe is definitely cruel ,due to the fact that every star including our sun will eventually die . When this happens all planets in their orbit will also die and of course if there is life on these planets they will eventually perish

Yeah, that bastard of a Universe is very cruel, but so beautiful.


I believe the universe is like a rock. You pick up a rock and look at it and roll it around you fingers. It has no emotion, so wheather you throw it at someones head, or skim it across the water it doesn't care one bit. I believe that if you want something you need to work for it. The universe does not give gifts. Sometimes people are just unfortunate and get caught up in a bad situation, take the holocaust for an example. Wrong place wrong time. It's just the opposite for the "so called lucky ones" right place right time. It's kind of like the roll of the dice.


Not the universe, but some people are cruel and greedy. There's enough of everything to go around, if everyone worked together


It is what it isnt fair nor is it unfair. We are born into our socio-economic groups and strive to rise or maintain.

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