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Some have alluded to it, but let me be the first to say humbug

JLFowler 6 Dec 11

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Sounds like you need a hug...


I get it - our planet’s tilted and the bulk of us live on the side that’s now pointing furthest from the sun. Winter’s a drag… In order to endure it, and find a reason to toss the kids some playthings early in the season, we ‘celebrate.’ There’s a time I’d have celebrated, too. Anymore … it feels like both religion and commercialism have won.. In that regard, and for the most part, I’m out.

Just trashed an email invite from a gardening group ..and expect more from others encouraging me to celebrate Christ-mass. They’ll be trashed, too... Took a multi-mile walk on the snow-coated Blue Ridge yesterday, and witnessed a magnificent blue-sky day today … every year feeling as though I’ve more successfully extracted myself from such nonsense 🙂

Varn Level 8 Dec 11, 2017

I second the motion. All in favor --------



Yeah... me too. Its expensive.... i do like the parties with free mix drinks.... yum!


I have already said Bah Humbug. Then I get down to practicing and playing Xmas carols. Next Saturday is the last time for these then they're put away for another year.


one of my dogs is called humbug as he was born about now 6 years ago.

I have a pagan friend who names her cats Jesus and Loki



@JLFowler - you missed the most important part. 'Humbug' on its own misses the flavor of the season.

BAH...! Humbug...!

@evidentialist too much emphasis. I'm going for an indifferent dismissal



Sounds like Scrooge to me.


I'll second that. I've been saying it since before Halloween.


Are you making a Scrooge-like reference to the holiday season now upon us?

SamL Level 7 Dec 11, 2017

To what?

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