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Quote from the article: "Many Kansans may find this startling, as I have, that such things could happen here."

LOL! Really??? You live in Kansas, dude.


The moment anyone can choose their own jury the concept of justice is finished.


Let's hope that their demands are not met.


Very disturbing... I thought the m ain benefit of trial by jury is to get a fair non biased hearing..


@NerdyOkieDude - A weird thought sneaked in when I read this one. The law reads such that the accused is to be tried by a jury of his/her peers. So, knowing what 'peers' means, Christian terrorists should be tried by a jury made up of Christian terrorists. Am I seeing this correctly? 😇

Pushing things to their logical absurdity is how I make my living.


Not only the prez is now above the law but now everybody that voted for him.

gearl Level 7 Dec 12, 2017
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