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How many people here consider themselves to be an independent like myself, with no affiliation to a political party . I do not wish to be labeled and consider myself a FREE thinker .The most recent Gallup poll indicates 42 percent of Americans identified as political independents

richiegtt 7 Dec 12

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I've always said, "the thing I hate most about Republicans is that they force me to vote for Democrats."


I usually align with the Democrats, but I'm not a loyal party member. They pissed me off when it came to Bernie Sanders.

Me too.

I agree, he got railroaded.

well the DNC was broke so when hillary came in, it had to be her way or the highway. I like bernie but he is so old i thought he may not live out his first term

Bernie’s not even a Democrat ...what was he doing with the DNC anyway..? Seems he needed his own party … just as the ‘tea party’ needs theirs..

@Varn Something worth noting. Dick Van Dyke identified Bernie Sanders as a New Deal Democrat.

bingst, too bad Bernie didn’t feel free to take up that mantle and ‘run with it!’ So contentious. I agree/d with his desires but realized our nation wasn’t ready to implement them. Perhaps, if we endure his antithesis, we will be ~

@bingst I can agree with you on the Sanders part, even though I do not care for him personally. He got treated poorly by his own, and now some four years later the Democrats are trying to throw him under the bus again (at least it appears that way to me anyway) by propping up the crooked Bloomberg. If I didn't know better, I'd say the Democrats are purposely trying to sabotage themselves...

I'm registered Independent, over the years I've observed how identity politics have a tendency to divide people, and sometimes I think that's precisely what some of those in positions of power want, to divide and conquer. With that said, one term I do go by that best describes my overall stance in life is, Libertarian. Most of my political views do lean pretty heavy to the right, but when it comes to issues like making recreational drugs legal/privatized worker unions/gay rights/and abortion rights, I tend to agree with the other side.


No party, no label, but I register as Independent. However, in the last presidential election I registered as Democrat so I could vote in the primary. That didn't work out so well. Had I known, I wouldn't have bothered and just remained Independent.

I vote based on track record, policies, and information and am not moved in the least by rhetoric and showmanship.


I think of myself as "independent". In Washington State voters don't register as affiliated with a political party, because we have open primaries.

I don't think WA got it completely right though. I think they are right that voters shoudl have no political affiliation, but I think that in the primary elections each voter should get to vote for the best candidate they want from each party, where politicians would be the only ones affiliated with a party. The net result woudl be the extremists on both ends woudl mostly lose the primaries and we'd have mostly moderates from both parties elected and then bipartisan work coudl actually get done,instead of this constant grid lock.

Hi Matt, been awhile since I've been on here. I too am registered Independent, as I generally disdain identity politics. With that said, there is one word I do associate with that best describes my stance in life, and that word is Libertarian, I just don't associate with the party is all. My overall views do lean pretty heavy to the right, but when it comes to issues such as decriminalizing drugs/legalizing sex work/private funded worker's unions/gay rights/and abortion rights, I agree with the other side. Hope all has been going good for you, take care.


I believe all political parties are in bed together and are just after looking after there own asses while pretending to do the right thing. there all corrupt professional liars and I would never be responsible for voting any of them in.

Voter apathy has a great deal to do with why we ended up with Trump.

I don't really care for either party either, but I look at it as voting helps avert the worst people from getting elected... most of the time. When they do get elected, I tend to blame those who stayed home as much as those who voted for the idiot(s).

@snytiger6 It depends where you live. I live in MA, which is a blue state. Hillary beat tRUMP. She got all 11 electoral votes. I did not vote because I think both were corrupt. My vote was for Bernie.

there all the worst people. trump is a sign of the times. I'm not going to ever get the blame for voting a prick in. you don't see if your votes are counted. you just assume they are.

sny.... should I 'like that' twice? 🙂

you can't and that's kind of the point lol

@leighshelton's If you watch the scroll of the country's we went to war with, It stops a 2003. I wonder how long it is now. Also it's not war every 20 years. It's war every 10 years. I wonder if Moore's Law works here and it will double every 5 years. 🙂

@Arasmuson Even if I don't care for either candidate, i still vote for the lesser of two evils, simply to slow down the decline of our country. I voted for Bernie in the primaries too. I don't really like Hillary, nostly because the Clinton's are too corporate friendly in my opinion, but I knew she'd be a far better choice than Trump, and the lesser of two bad choices by a very long shot. Of course in WA we vote by mail, so it isn't as much of a hassle or inconvenience to still vote when you don't like either candidate.


I have never joined a political party but I have always voted for only one ideal; the progressive one.

skado Level 8 Dec 12, 2017

Independent here. I voted for Jill Stein. would not vote for Hillary and absolutely would not vote for Trump.I don't think either party is good for this country. i do give democrats a bit more integrity for not affiliating themselves with white supremacist like David Duke and white nationalist such as Steve Bannon. I believe that if you support or condone any of their beliefs, you are just a guilty


Democrat vs. Republican is a false dichotomy perpetuated by the architects of "democracy" to make us think we have a choice, when clearly the only choices we have come from a corrupted system that bows to paid lobbyists. Politicians are bought and paid for by the banks and corporations that run this world. That's what worried a lot of people about Hillary; her past history of sleeping with corporate america made her a tainted choice.

So, that's why I'm a free thinker... you can't pigeon hole me!


I am registered as an independent, but vote mostly democrat.


I don't do politics. I didn't vote last year either. I don't agree with both sides. Here is where I'll stop.

Voter apathy has a great deal to do with why we ended up with Trump.

I don't really care for either party either, but I look at it as voting helps avert the worst people from getting elected... most of the time. When they do get elected, I tend to blame those who stayed home as much as those who voted for the idiot(s).

I just get headaches from politics. I don't understand them.

I feel it can be a noble act to not vote if you feel you don’t have an adequate grasp of the issues.

@skado I'm inclined to agree with you on that.


Politically I tend to lean toward the libitarians. For me it's all about freedom. I join no parties and wear no labels.


I am registered Independent, as I generally disdain identity politics. No shortage of "ists", "ives", and "isms" in this world, which are meant to divide people. With that said, there is one term I do associate with (especially more in recent times) that better describes what I believe in and fight for, and that word is Libertarian. I just don't associate with the political party is all.


I am Definitely an independent.I equate Aligning oneself with a particular party is similar to following a religious sect .Closed mind, not willing to consider opposing viewpoints,and thinking your party or religion is the righ one and all the others wrong


I agree. I am not a fan of either party. But I am a fan of Justice Democrats. That is an organization created in January 2017 by Cenk Uyger from TYT and Kyle Kulinski from Secular Talk to take over the Democratic Party and turn it populist left. Make the minimum wage a living wage, universal health care, free college, more gun control, ending war, equal rights, no big money donations for the candidates, Bernie Sanders style. They are doing amazing work and I hope they succeed in getting money out of politics and ending corruption. Check it out!


I feel independent, but I am so disheartened by our current political climate which is in every way owned by giant corporations and billionaires. I cannot tolerate Trump, his family and his cabinet one bit. Hillary wasn’t perfect, but I feel she would not have foresaken the poor, children, women, poc, education, healthcare, the environment. It is a tough go to be liberal and believe all deserve the help they need.


I think we can all agree that no body's values lay entirely in one party or the other. There are many issues throughout the world that we have a range of different opinions on.

Politics isn't black or white. There are many different shades.

Also I'm a Libertarian. I love my privileges and am sad that I don't have very many of them.

@Lancer Same here Lancer, Libertarian. I just don't identify with a particular political party is all.


I"m a 'swinging' voter


I am a capital "I" Independent.

My votes usually go to Democrats, because I mostly favor progressive initiatives.


Started out R, turned D after the election of Reagan, went Independant with Obama … and unlike my previous state, this new one doesn't require we register with a party. Seems to me political parties have become like sports teams, ya just root for your team - no matter what. And, largely due to Gerrymandering, the extremists in the party primaries set the agenda. It’s very difficult for a moderate to make it to the general election.

With that, the bulk of my friends are Democrats. But if pressed, I’d let them know I agreed with 30% of Trump’s agenda and 70% of Hillary’s, thus voted accordingly. Without a parliamentary system, where minor parties can create coalitions before choosing a prime minister … we’ve an all-or-nothing process ‘over here.’ And, it’s killing us! Voting for a ‘minor party’ candidate really is throwing away your vote, therefore it’s tuff to remain an Independent ~

Varn Level 8 Dec 12, 2017

When asked if I'm a Republican or a Democrat I say I am an American. As far as I'm concerned both parties are corrupt to the core and only looking out for themselves.


That is your choice. But, that means that you will play little or no part in primaries which will choose the final candidates. You just choose between candidates that others have already chosen. Is that smart?

Valid comment


What does that even mean? I am a hardcore libertarian, follower of Jefferson. I am as far from socialist as it gets, so Democrats give me the willies.


I moved here from the UK 10 years ago. the political landscape here is crazy.. People seem to vote for their "team" even if it is against their own self interests.


I was an independent until i moved to waco tx then i ended up leaning republican...mostly as a backlash to identity politics

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