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Holy communion

My granddaughter mentioned looking forward to this ceremony, which I find horrifying. How could I possibly attend such a farcical occasion? Her parents are not together & I'm sure this comes from exposure to her other grandmother.

Rfg1800 3 May 12

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First thing to remember is it’s not about you! It is something that your granddaughter sees as a major juncture in her life. Best to grow up and support her as your beliefs or unbeliefs are irrelevant here.


As a former catholic I can assure you, it is not just the religious significance for your god daughter but a social move as well. First communion is seen as a step away from childhood and towards adulthood, may be you can get behind that element ? It is emerging into the age of reason that allows the person to receive the sacrament, so don't go all preachy but congratulate her on growing up. Also it is a HELL of a big deal when you are a kid. Believe me !

Tilia Level 7 May 16, 2018

Crackers are not alleged baby god flesh


Wine is not blood


I wouldn't make it a big deal, rather downplay it's role and significance to you. I think that will have more impact than being positive or negative.


Consuming human blood and flesh in the symbolic form of wine and wafer is just a step away from Cannibalism. Tell her to leave off on consuming the blood and flesh of this Zombie God.


Eating the body of Christ... how fucking weird is that? Plus they drink his blood though wine, no doubt ... don't miss those 'forced' Catholic days at all.


I had communion this evening as I had a bottle of Yago Sangria wine. It was not holy. Oh, damn. I forgot the cracker.

The cracker is only holy if it has some great cheese on it.


Just attend and try to be as supportive as possible. It means something to your grand daughter so do it for her.


Make a game out of it, everytime they say "Jesus" take a shot and/or yell "Praise (expletive) jeeeeezus!!!!". When you use the same expletive twice or get forcably removed from the ceremony you lose.


Ritualistic cannibalism has been something in Christianity and Catholocism (sp) since Jesus' death. At least its not real humans or blood. While I agree that it is a waste of time, I'd just go along with it. Railing against something you have no control over won't get you anywhere.


I don't have children, so no grandchildren. I do have nieces that I adore. Their parents (my sister and her husband) aren't religious, so neither are the girls. However, they did attend Catholic Sunday School because their grandparents wanted them to and the girls weren't averse to it. Had they wanted me to attend one of the Catholic ceremonies, I would've done it ... just because they asked it. Each person explores their relationship with religion (or no religion) as they're growing and maturing. I don't believe my nieces are likely to become Catholic (despite the grandparental attempt at indoctrination), but I would love and respect them even if they did.

vita Level 7 May 12, 2018

Pretend cannibalism is always a kinky time.


She's a child; it's just a bit of theatre to her. I can remember wanting to be an altar boy. Just be there for her when she grows up and starts thinking for herself.


Give her 2 bottles of wine and a loaf of bread before hand. Beat them at their own medicine ???

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