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What is your favorite drug? Can be illegal/illicit, prescribed, self-generated, OTC, behavior modifications etc. Currently really digging my male HRT. Tried a fair number of illegal drugs when younger but would only consider doing 'shrooms right now.

kmdskit3 8 Dec 14

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My guitar.


It's clearly visible in my profile picture......


Ibuprofen, just recreationally.


my favourite drug was amphetamine sulphate, not that meth that you get in the states, weed was a big thing for 30 years, mushrooms was good, acid was ok.. i don't take drugs anymore but i still like diazepan codine etc but only rarelytake them. these days my choice is alcohol. i recently discovered mdma, its the best feeling ever. but im not sure if i will take it again


it used to be cannabis but I had to give it up as I ended up sectioned.


yes locked up in a nuthouse

Weed caused you to be 'sectioned'?

not in itself but it was something I had to stop. weed is generally fine but not always.

hey, me too.
Just another reason why it should be legal. Some kid was hitting the bags with embalming fluid... Caused me to have bad bad delusions and paranoia.

Even if knew it was safe... Im scared to smoke it. lol

@Xtravisx the minds a powerful thing but I think it should be legal for sure as I am an exception


I take no prescription drugs. Haven't done illegal drugs, except weed, maybe 30 yrs ago. (I think weed should be legalized.) Nothing OTC except an occasional aspirin, multi-vitamins, and a beer now and again.

My favorite drug or high comes from laughter, especially with one or more people. It's the best! Try to do this as much as possible. (of course there's always sex, but that's been a while. lol 😉 )

Oh Shit! Just read everyone else's comments, I seem like a damn goody two shoes! F**K! 😀

lol! nothing wrong with that.


Alcohol was my drug of choice when I was drinking. I had to give it up when it started kicking my ass.


Tough choice, but either LSD or mescaline. Or a mix of both, that is an amazing journey. 😉 As Ken Kesey once said, to see further you must take heroic doses..

What does mescaline do? 'Heroic' doses can negative effects both short and long term. Please be careful.

@kmdskit3 As hard to describe as an acid trip, I can only show you the door, you have to open it. And heroic doses are for those who want, conciously, to push the mind to see where it goes. Only to be tried by those who have proved to themselves through lower dosages, that they are comfortable inside their own mind. If you fear what you'll see you'll see what you fear. If you can laugh at this instead of turn to fear, then you should be ok. Only the person themselves can decide, it has to be by choice. 🙂


I prefer to be cognizant of reality, thank you.

You can alter your own neurochemical makeup with lots of different activities.

An you think by avoiding mind expanding experience will bring you that, reality. The matrix has you.

@kmdskit3 - Would you care to explain how that effort will benefit my life or the lives of those around me?

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