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Do you take compliments well?
Why or why not?

What’s one of the best compliments you’ve ever received?

AMGT 8 Dec 14

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The best compliment I ever received was my granddaughter telling me that I am the only man who has never disappointed her.

Touching, but so sad at the same time that her life has been filled with such disappointment.


Since I have it in writing (and keep it nearby for when I need a good cry) I’ll just share the original note... sent to me by a former co-worker after I shared some old photos of our department online:

“Howdy Mr. Scott! The old pictures are fun and bring back a lot of fond memories. In fact, reminiscing reminded me of something I don't think I ever shared with you. You are one of the top ten influential people in my life. I met you at a time when I was both growing into myself, and lacking a lot of real world experience. Although it might have driven you crazy, the window we put between our offices was much appreciated, and I cherish the many conversations we shared. Just thought this was a pleasant notion, and something that would be a shame not to share with you.
We never know the effect we have on the lives of others! So a belated thank you for sharing your thoughts... but most of all your patience, with a most impatient (and opinionated) young man. If it didn't seem like I was listening some days, rest assured I did consider all that you shared, and in subsequent years it has shaped my world view.”

Fortunately, responding to compliments isn’t something I have to deal with often 🙂 . I was just glad it wasn’t in person so I didn’t have to cry in public.

skado Level 8 Dec 14, 2017

I am always appreciative of sincere compliments. They mean a lot. <3 However, I do struggle with finding the words to express my appreciation and how someone made me feel.

Stephen King wrote: "Words diminish your feelings – words shrink things that seem timeless when they are in your head to no more than living size when they are brought out."

That's beautiful. ❤


I guess I really just don't like attention very much. If I do something and they show appreciation, that's fine, but anyone telling me how [fill in the blank] I am just makes me feel awkward, especially if it's public recognition.


My self esteem is pretty low, so it’s hard for me to believe anything positive said to me.

But the other day, I was at the mall (cringe, but my kid wanted to get presents), and two girls stopped me to ask about my locks (they are 53 inches long, and are halfway down my calves). Then one said she really liked my style. It made me glow. No one had ever said anything so nice to me before.


I'm polite and listen. I've been told I have a heart of gold.


If a compliment is genuine, I have no problem with it. My usual response is just a simple 'thank you', then move on.

The best compliment I ever received was from a student some ten years after she graduated. She said in a card she wrote to me, "I want to thank you, Professor Jacobs (be it known, I was not a professor, just a tutor in this case) that you changed my life. I'm doing what I've always wanted to do because you opened a new world to me." I admit to tearing up over that one.

good one


I always get confused. A friend of mine told me, "Dude, you are on fire..." Turns out I was standing too close to the fireplace.


I like them, but I can be awkward about it.

My best compliment: "He is a very likable person"

This was from a professor in my letter of recommendation for grad school. I'm used to being complimented for my intelligence, but this was the first time (to my knowledge) someone had said that I was likable.


I give and take compliments real easily as credit where its due. my old art teacher said I was a really good artist.


I feel comfortable and appreciative accepting compliments.

It was an indirect one, spoken between two observers, loud enough for me to hear :
" that woman sure knows how to ride ! " (motorcycle)


Without you I would have been dead a long time ago.
I am not very effusive if I am lucky to get a compliment.I do hear them, It is a bit awkward to acknowledge them though


I do not take compliments well. I'm always embarrassed for some reason when I'm complimented.
My best compliment ever was when a woman I was dating told me I was a calm person, and didn't let things get to me.
This was after I had been through some awful life tragedies, and it made me feel good at the time.


I tend to pish posh compliments depending on who they are from and what they want


Dakota once told me when he was young, your balls are ‘huge’ !!! I knew I should have locked the bathroom door...

I thought ‘ ‘ italicized words. There was definitely and emphasis on huge lol


Yeah I possibly enjoy compliments too much. Getting told I look like Matt Damon, that I'm a badass, and that I'm an extrovert were my favorites. Mostly because they're not true at all but I loved that those people had that perception of me in the moment.


Sincere compliments? Yes, I smile and say thanks. If I want to check that person's intentions, to a perceived compliment I say " I know, thank you though!". 9 time of of 10, to a phrase "your hot" (grammar intact) I say " I know" and in return I get "Cocky much? " or "Bitch, you ugly, I was just trying to be nice", or something along those lines. The best compliment I received was an offhanded comment by someone from my team saying to another competing team "You guys are screwed, we have Blizzard" .


How come Spanish women are born being able to take compliments?


No. Because I was surrounded by idiotic assholes for my formative years. I was once told that I am a man of great resolve. Its the only compliment I ever believed.


I can be kinda self deprecating, but I handle compliments well. I think it's because my estimation of myself has been moulded by constructive criticism that I took to heart.

And, I apparently excel in humility...


I don't like much attention. The one I remember most is the CEO of one of the companies I have worked for having me come into his office and thanking me for the work I did for one of the clients.


I honestly don’t know. I’m complimented occasionally, but I don’t take it very seriously.


I do take them well.
And that I'm handsome.


Depends in the context. Did not get that at home. I had 2 different bosses I worked for the one he was not so much a verbal complementer as a I you do I will do it in other words if the work was tough he did not just watch you struggle he would get his hands dirty also. The second boss grate is guy to work for never said that was the wrong way he would say this is the right way and show you how to do it and always said good job. As for the opposite sex complete can't remember anything that stands out. Pretty girl can make me blush even though I am extroverted, some times these things happen.


I like compliments if they are sincere.

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