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The Dallas Morning News ran an article this morning saying that the Republicans may have dodged a bullet. That maybe it's worth giving up a senate seat, not to have Moore become the face of the Republican Party.

What do you Think?

TommyMeador 7 Dec 14

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I think they still have to cope with Trump. The sexual allegations against him are not going to go away. They will hamper the GOP in 2018. Moore was such a monumental backwards idiot, it was good for the GOP not to have him around.


They don't get off the hook that easily. Moore was nothing more than another pimple on the ass we know as the Republican party. Anyone given any thought to the Net Neutrality Law? They are in the process of screwing us and they will continue to do so at every opportunity.


I think more damage would have been done if he was elected. In all likelihood, he would have been voting for tRump bills/policies. And he certainly would have become the face of the RNC and they would have had quite the dilemma. I just hope the DNC keeps bring him up and pesters the RNC for supporting an accused pedophile.

CS60 Level 7 Dec 14, 2017

Doesn't change the fact that the alleged party of family values supported a pedophile.


I'm not so sure. The harm he could do in the Senate as an extreme vote/voice seems greater than whatever bad PR the Republican Party might have received by having him occupy that seat. Few people are on the fence about where they stand politically, and I don't think the Republicans were going to lose significantly more voters because of Roy Moore.


They have big troubles yet ahead. Their treacherous and dishonest behavior in reference to their reeking tax plan and the attempt to kill the ACA -- and the related data from the CBO -- has alienated millions of people. They have shown that they are incapable of governing and only know how to obstruct. The embracing of Trump and looking the other way on the Trump collusion and on many ethics and morals issues is making it increasingly clear to the American public that the party has lost its moral and patriotic core. They are still going to pay -- BIG Time -- in 2018 and 2020.


They did not dodge the bullet because they still endorsed him so the damage is done. This really has damaged the Republican brand.


You think maybe its a good idea?

Do I think what is a good idea? Or do you mean, do I think it's a good thing that maybe they dodged that bullet? I don't know. It seems that the religious nuts that have absolutely no respect for the constitution have taken over the republican party. I think that's dangerous. I'm just trying to figure out what would best serve the cause for freedom. I'm conservative on some issues and liberal on others. I look for what promotes freedom without chaos.

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