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LINK Santa Fe High School shooting in Texas: 8 deaths reported - CNN

Another school shooting in Texas where everyone carries a gun... where are those good guys with guns? The ones that are going to save us from the bad guys?

Of course, this is tragic and it makes me sick that it has happened again. I am sorry for everyone affected.

Akfishlady 8 May 18

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Notice how we aren't hearing about the students from Majorie Douglass high school in FL.


Saw a news report "what we have learned about the Santa Fe shooter". All I could think of was what I know about the Santa Fe shooter he had guns and the NRA supports gun manufacturers


Well, to be "fair". It is illegal for a gun to be carried onto school grounds, it was illegal for him to shoot people and it was probably illegal for that kid to have a gun unsupervised. So would it really have done anyone any good to make what he did even MORE illegal?

I think there is a lot that needs to be done to improve the enforcement of the laws we already have before we start passing laws to retrict EVERYONE even more from having guns.

If we don't need more laws why do we need lawmakers?

He got the guns from his father (probably without authorization). He made the pipe bombs himself. Screwed up kid.

@AstralSmoke And I am sure there are already laws in place about allowing minors unrestricted access to guns and ammo with or without permission.

People run stop signs why have them they're on every block

@JohnPaul To advise you of a ticket and a fine you will get if you don't stop. It's called "enforcement".

@Normanbites so that's great. fine the NRA and make gun manufacturers responsible for death. that would be the fine

@JohnPaul Or you could have metal detectors at the entrances to school grounds..... again ... ENFORCEMENT!!!! .... you aren't very good at this, are you?

@Normanbites not good at this? You want guns so bad you are willing to sacrifice babies for your rights

@JohnPaul that's quite a leap. Are you prone to making crap up, or is this a special occasion??

@Normanbites you won't make it harder to get guns so you must except the death. Your argument is weak so you attack me

@JohnPaul metal dectors won't kill babies, which is what you asserted.

@JohnPaul I am in favor of using EXISTING laws to make guns harder to get. Making more laws that are also not ENFORCED makes no sense at all.

@Normanbites you've gone off the deep end. You don't care. Let The Killing continue. Lasefaire is the best you have to offer

@JohnPaul in what way would metal detectors at the school entrance NOT stopped this shooting?

Stop being hysterical long enough to answer that question.

@Normanbites I think I understand you. You don't want new laws to suppress the Overflow of easy access to guns in the United States. You don't want new laws. However you're willing to have new laws written to get metal detectors into every school in every County of the United States. Now we're going to have to have laws to buy those metal detectors and install them. We're going to have to have new laws to allow taxes be used to buy those and install those. You want to talk about anything but the guns. Death does not bother you

@JohnPaul And I understand you perfectly as well. The current laws are insufficiently enforced, allowing guns in gun free zones. So you want to pass more unenforced laws making it even more illegal to bring guns into gun free zones.

So answer me this: How many unenforced laws will it take to stop a shooter in his tracks?

Stupid doesn't seem to bother you!

@Normanbites really? What about the laws were going to need to enforce your ideas? I suspect you're really not against laws you're just against stopping The Killing. Oh by the way how many mass shootings have been stopped?

@JohnPaul How many mass shootings have been stopped by actual enforcement of laws on the books? Really, you think that is a real and honest question ... OK, fine I'll give you an answer of the same kind; It is equal to the number of traffic accidents that have been avoided by enforcement of traffic laws.

SMH!!! Sheeesh!!!

@JohnPaul Not everyone with a gun is evil.


@Normanbites why do you think everyone with a gun is going to suffer if we stop easy access to guns? how many more guns do you need? don't you have all the guns you need? What makes you think you can't have more? You're so terrified somebody's going to come get your guns the death of babies is the price you're willing to pay to keep it exactly the way it is

@Normanbites wow you are so sharp. I know I am but what are you??

I told myself I would only argue with you until the next school shooting. I had hoped this site would be populated with open-minded freethinkers. I find from your comments you are close-minded and stuck in the past you refuse to move on.


My friend has grandchildren in that school. They are OK. Sad for the others, and their families

twill Level 7 May 18, 2018

I hold the NRA, Trump and the arms dealers responsible. Legislate now or lose more young lives, you cowards!

Athos Level 5 May 18, 2018

Another loony who got access to guns

@Renickulous i have been carring a Gun for 58 years and now more than ever I am not going to give it up. that does not mean that i do not support good laws and responsible people.If more laws were made by people that shoot and did not belong to the NRA we would be better off.

@Renickulous No because sensible laws regarding storage of weapons and regulations that attach penalities for wrongful storage do not exist. Second we do not have any mental hospitals or laws that support commitment or treatment of the ill.

@Marine I personally don't have any guns. Doesn't mean I haven't shot one before. It's even fun shooting at targets. It's not about owning or not owning guns. It's about responsible gun ownership. But on the other hand, there's no reason to have military weapons in private hands.

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