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Is Bill Maher the best (living) atheist comedian that does Intelligent humor?

I hope you post Youtube videos if think it is someone else.

snytiger6 9 May 19

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I like Maher's show but he isn't that funny. There are so many past and present and they all have their moments.

gearl Level 7 Mar 26, 2019

I can respect that. I think Bill takes things a little too far at times.

When i lived in Los Angeles, I went to see a show rehearsal once. Then two days later I saw the actual show, and about half the jokes in the monologue were different. Most were improvements, but some weren't.


I don't listen to quote unquote "atheist" comedians, but I suspect there are far better examples than Maher. Robin Williams didn't explicitly fit the atheist profile, but he was the first name that came to mind when I read this.
But I've always loved Robin Williams. Most notably, his appearance with Joe Biden on real-time (I assume) sometime in the 2000's.


Bill Maher is perhaps better classified as a satirist rather than a comic or comedian; his wit is sometimes sacrificed for the sake of ridicule, humour for criticism and his intellect for a cheap laugh.
My problem with him is his inconsistency he wants to be George Carlin, will settle for being Jack Benny but use childish shock when all else fails and bawls like Bernard Manning.


No way, he is just the richest


As a theist, one of my favourite comedians would be David Mitchell, (proclaimed agnostic). 'The watermelon miracle' is brilliant

Second time I saw this one. It's still really funny!

Thanks for sharing! LMFAO!

Yeah big ups to Mitchell n Webb, they’re hysterical. Do you remember if they ever did a sketch about the moon landing where they were breaking the news to Collins that he had to stay in the capsule? I thought it might have been them but I could be wrong. Was looking for it a while ago.

Holy No-God! This is great! Way more witty and funny than anything Maher does!


Lewis Black


I like Bill, but I like Jon Stewart better. 🙂 I don't see him on the air anymore. 😟

Stewart was too centered and kind and funny. He was never dismissive of anothers point of view. He was not mean and polarized and dismissive as Maher.

I miss Jon. He was too good for current political climate. Hell, maybe we can get him to run for office??? Colbert/Stewart, Stewart/Colbert??


I do appreciate his humor and candor. He seems to be quite arrogant. That's not funny at all. Thankful he did "Religulous".

I thought he could have made "Religuious" better, but it was okay.


Or Jeff Jeffries. Funny as shit. Favorite bit (not related to atheism) is about why he doesn't like having sex with Australian girls. Or Ricky Gervais.

I did see Maher live last time he was in town. Definitely still funny (and live, he's not just centered on politics) but there is funnier out there.


Meh. His age is starting to show... Having a hard time keeping up with the times, and starting to bitch about "the way things used to be". I think Sarah Silverman has him beat.


I like Maher, but sometimes he's a big arrogant. It's kind of annoying when he has a guest on, and if/when that guest espouses a viewpoint opposed to Maher's, he talks over them, much like a Hannity, or Limbaugh type does. Why bother hosting opposing viewpoints if you're not going to allow the person to speak?

Is he the best at what he does? That's totally subjective, isn't it?


The short answer is yes... the long answer is yyyyyyeeeeeeesss.


I like Doug Stanhope. He does some beautiful bits, like proving you don't really believe. He has a way of taking the bit just a bit over the line, bringing you home so that you redraw the line. I see bits of George Carlin-ish brilliance in his stuff.


Jimmy Dore, Ricky Gervais or Bill Burr. Bill Maher reveals he lives in "the bubble" every now and then.

Marz Level 7 May 19, 2018

Ricky Gervais is good. As are all those mentioned below.


Most of the best stand up comedians are atheist ... and even the ones who aren't are pretty shaky when it comes to religion. I would still say Jeselnik and Bo Burnam are among the most intelligent along with Jeff Ross and Lewis Black. Bill Burr claims to be catholic but only because his family would murder him if he said otherwise. He may as well be an atheist. Patton Oswalt too.


Eddie Izzard is my favorite.

Whenever they go on about "redefining marriage", I like to point out that Henry VIII did it first.

@Ozman Henry never quite got to the 7th wife made of jam.?. lol! Quite nice that the author of the bible wrote it in a way so the people in 'power' can read the 'rules' however they want to. ?


The only fly in the ointment when it comes to Ricky Gervais are his Anne Frank jokes.

The only fly in the ointment when it comes to Ricky Gervais are Frankly his jokes or the lack thereof 😉 .


Ha ha! That's good.


No. I wouldn’t really classify his humor as intelligent. Mike Birbiglia is 1,000 times more funny. Patton Oswalt is incredibly funny. Louis CK has some bits about religion as well.

Maher has always struck me as an elitist, condescending, douche. He reminds me of the guy that reads the back or inside cover of a book and pretends he’s now an expert on that book’s subject.


Agreed. Politically, we are usually on the same page, but as a performer and as a moderator, I find him to be very obnoxious. And, just as a human being, I think he's a real asshole.

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