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LINK Any problem here?

Never had kids so not sure if this is a problem

btroje 9 May 22

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Jeebus Christopher, I'd be having a heart attack! I don't like snakes.

When you learn about them you might lose your dislike. They are merely a reptile without legs. A fascinating & necessary rodent control agent.

@Countrywoman I am very happy to have snakes in my area, I love garter snakes. However once they get bigger than that I have a great desire to be far from them. I lived in Okinawa in the late 70's, I learned really fast what a Habu looked like and to cross the street when you encountered one.


If they are hungry - they don't stop at kids. They also eat adults.

I have seen pics of one regurgitating a deer. THis video is very puzzling to me


Wild animals are not pets!

Is it wild though? Looks like a pet

@Blindbird but it is a reptile

@Blindbird Since when have constrictors been domesticated?

@btroje My niece is a herpetology enthusiast. She has a daughter and a small zoo, lol. None of the reptiles have ever harmed her daughter. It all depends on the parent/pet owners responsibility level and knowledge of their pets.


Major problem! Never leave a young child alone with any type of constrictor in the area. I would not even have one in a house where children live.

I was living in Centralia Illinois when this tragedy occurred:


The idiots!


Lolol..that Funny..thanks!


If this is a pet and as long as they keep it well fed, no problem. But if not, when he gets hungry he will take the nearest available food source including one of those kids.


No you see a lot of crazy stuff in this world.


Freaks me out a bit but A) the parents right there filming, B.) The snake seems unbothered.

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