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If virtual reality became full immersion, would you want to live in a virtual world?

Think of a world that is completely digital, but feels real.
One where the limitations of the real world do not exist.

Would you partake in virtual reality?
If so, would it be hard to return to reality?

silvereyes 8 Dec 17

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We already live in virtual reality—through tv, books, games, Internet, music, and dreaming.


Yikes, good question. It would be the ultimate drug, wouldn't it?... my heart says yes, my head says no. I'm gonna let 'em duke it out a bit.

godef Level 7 Dec 17, 2017

Ah hell, I'm getting too old for this reality chit. Engage!

I mean, presuming I can be young again... here's my retirement savings: immerse me.


I have used V-Time on the samsung Gear Vr and its pretty cool. you actually can sit and chat with people in a virtual environment .Once you take that head set off reality sets in real quick.

ahh. i see. well i could see a person being lost from reality with constant use


There is a site online called Second Life, which is a virtual word kind of environment. I spent a fair amount of time in there, it can be quite addictive. I have found a fair number of people in there seem to have some issue in dealing with real life; Second Life gives them an opportunity to experience things from a different perspective. It's far from full immersion, but with new peripherals, it is getting closer. If it did become full immersion, I would try it out just to see what it was like.

Believenpeace Habilis
Analeda Mizen


Sounds like a holodeck. I’d get addicted to it for sure.


Depends on my responsibilities outside the world. If you would have asked me about 35 years ago, I would have said, "Hook me up!"...the challenges of real life are kinda fun...I would probably use it as an occasional video game or video phone, but that's about it. Though, imagine two people who were far apart but loved each other, but didn't need to spend every waking hour together. You could maintain a decent relationship....possibly....haha


No, but I wouldn't mind visiting it...


Great post 🙂. I think we already are living in a virtual world 😛, except we don’t know there shouldn’t be any limitations. “Mind is consciousness which has put on limitations.” -Ramana Maharishi.

With regards to digital simulation, other than the well-known Matrix, there’s The Thirteenth Floor which tells the story of a simulation created within another sumulated world...

In ancient times, the Chinese Daoist sage Zhuangzi said beautifully:

“Once upon a time,
I dreamt I was a butterfly,
fluttering hither and thither,
to all intents and purposes a butterfly.
I was conscious only of my happiness as a butterfly,
unaware that I was myself.
Soon I awaked,
and there I was,
veritably myself again.
Now I do not know whether I was then a man dreaming I was a butterfly,
or whether I am now a butterfly, dreaming I am a man.”

So are we sure we are awake 😛?

@silvereyes, I’m sure you’d be a good dream, a fascinating dream 🙂


From time to time it would be interesting and perhaps fun. Full time? Never. I like the world the way it is, though I don't accept everything that is here. Sober and alert is my preferred mode of existence.


I'd definitely consider such essentials as eating and going poo poo...but if we could work that out, why not?

the Tao of Poo


No but I am interested in augmented reality. Where electronics superimpose a virtual reality on actual reality to improve the experience.

Most common current example is the Pokémon game.

Myah Level 6 Jan 4, 2018

Is already here.... people living on "cough syrup" are at a constant virtual reality vegetable state without computers... they are existing in lah lah land... without moving a finger. Mind Reality!!!!


In the adverse If everything was always perfect and nothing ever failed how would you ever improve your thinking. I would think if every thing you ever did as an avatar was redundant it would become very unentertaining and humdrum.


If you watch enough Fox News, you can live ina virtual reality where the food tastes good, Mexicans and brown people are evil and America is great... again...

So nope, I’d do everything in my power to destroy these echo chambers that virtual words would necessarily become. We have proven that humanity is far from ready for it.

I know where your question was focused, but my mind had to play out the possibility that people would use it, as they use so many other things, to separate themselves from the rest of humanity. Besides, I'm sure you've heard of "the cat lady" and real life Ken and Barbie, so you can certainly look like whatever you want in this world too. If that's too much commitment, Instagram probably has a filter. I mean, even on this site, I'm a pensive angry 6 year old with more hair than face and you look half wookie 😉


Is this a yes or no question or one of sometimes, somethings? I take the latter. Here is a fun, and interesting link that might speak to what most of us are thinking.



I prefer reality.




Given the current state of affairs and the fact that my actual life is in a bit of a long time lull, not only would I partake in such a place, I would more than likely never leave.


Hell yeah I'd do that. But it would be super hard coming back.


Many philosophers would suggest we might be already: []


We already live in a virtue reality. We’re surrounded by religious zealots, who take books of literature written by people, whom they have no idea about and put their faith fully in in without no kind of real evidence and base their whole life off of it. If that’s not living in a virtue reality then I don’t know what is. Ha ha ha! On a serious note, though, I wouldn’t mind being able to take a step away from reality simetime to enter another world of fantasy, just woundn’t want to always live there.


Anyone who's watched Sword Art Online will say NO. Ugh... I don't want to be stuck in a death game.

Outside that, I would love it. I'd spend my spare time in that world... I just hope I wouldn't get addicted.

@silvereyes I think I'd have the most fun in a combat-focussed game; although unlike SAO, I'd quite like to have magic as well as melee combat. I think I'd enjoy fantasy and sci-fi settings far more than a Sims-type world.


I probably would try virtual reality. Possibly hard to return to reality. I think that it would depend on your mindset, do you prefer altered reality (drug induced or digital) instead of reality.


How do you know we aren't there already? haha

Seriously you should read "The Prefect" by Alistair Reynolds. Great book.

So if I got to keep my glands and endocrine system how would a simulated reality be different from the "real world"? Honestly, could you tell the difference?

I would support this if I was on a space ship on a 20-100 year journey. If there was a real world out there, I would be against it.


Yes and yes. Bring it on.

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