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What are peoples thoughts on death and does it scare you?

I find that I am not scared of death itself or what may come after it(not a lot) but of not having enough time to do all the things I want to do. What are your thoughts about death and why it seems a vast amount of people fear it?

Brence 4 Dec 18

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Death is a great unknown to me. As far as fear it, I only do so in that there is still so much I want to do before I go. Still, that's motivation to actually do them!

That and a long, painful death. Let me go quick!


Because homo sapiens have the ability to anticipate the future.

"Existential death anxiety stems from the basic knowledge that human life must end. Existential death anxiety is known to be the most powerful form. Awareness of human mortality arose some 150,000 years ago. In that extremely short span of evolutionary time, humans have fashioned a single basic mechanism through which they deal with the existential death anxieties this awareness has evoked—denial."


Like you and others here have said, I'm not afraid of my own death. However, I'm not exactly thrilled about the prospects of suffering before I take my last breath.


From my perspective, we aren't truly the same people from one moment to the next. Personal identity is illusory because our mental states, memories, anticipation, etc., makes it feel like the same person persists. But we are different and only very similar. If later today I'm in an accident, that reality at this moment doesn't affect me. That later me isn't present me, even though he has most of the same memories I have and most of the same motivations. I just identify with him more because of that similarity, sort of a super empathy. So I think I've died countless times imperceptibly and another death doesn't have any greater practical impact for me. But, I don't want suffering. I still feel that persistent connection to the person I'll be tomorrow, and I don't want that dude to suffer. Not that I want anyone else to suffer, either, but I have a greater impact and therefore responsibility to the me of tomorrow.


I think I have a healthy survival instinct. I'm in no hurry to die but I don't fear it. What I fear is pain. This culture has some real screwed up ideas about death. The Christian who should welcome death seems to fear it the most, thinking it the worst of all evils. I like what Mark Twain had to say about it. I was dead for millions of years before I was born and was not in the least inconvenienced by it.


What's fearful is not having lived a life, being incomplete in things you want to do, places you want to go, and so on.

My fear, like many, is going before I'm ready. I have children I would like to see settled and become pillars in their community. There are places to go and things to do that I've not been able to, and hope to in the near future. I'd like to stave off any unfortunate illness in the interim. Suffering is unkind and the more one ages, the more aware we can become to the necessity of attention to our health. Otherwise, I hope the passing is pain-free.


I’m not afraid of death;I just don’t want to be there when it happens -Woody Allen


The two basic drives for ALL life is survival and procreation. We are pre-programmed for those impulses. Fear is the motivator, especially for survival and , for me, yes. I wonder if the indoctrination that many of us went through which promised immortality only adds to that fear. From experience it seems easier to not have something than to have had it and then lost it.

My partner always thought religion was silly and never succumbed to it. Her family were lax Moslem's and her mother supported her questioning (the stories I have heard). When she was dying there was no fear, whatsoever and, in fact, there was only joy in the life she had, had. Also, during her death process 2 doctors showed up who were active in our states Death with Dignity program. Some amazing stories they told us added to her joy. I also, heard stories about how some groups could turn off their fear at death.

For me it is as many have said, fear of suffering. There is also fear of dying alone, not fixing loose ends and not having contributed something positive to the community of the living (human and non-human).


What is there to be afraid of? It is a fact of life, I accept that all things conclude.


Not afraid to die, at all. It's inevitable. Fearing it would just be a waste of time, and would interfere with the actual living of my life. Granted, I'm not ready to go anytime soon, but that's not my call to make. When your number's up, your number's up. I think so many people (at least believers) fear death because they're afraid they're not going to 'heaven', and they fear 'hell'. They probably know they haven't lived their lives according to the tenets of their belief system, and they fear their hypocrisy will consign them to hell. LOL Sorry, I shouldn't laugh at other people's fears, but if they didn't believe in delusions, they'd have less to worry about.


No control... I defied death in my youth often enough. I will be ready within the circumstances... I will hate leaving behind a loved one while making plans for us in the future... I will feel for her. But as my son told me after a death defying escapade... "do you know what you dying will do to me?". My only fear is the estate of soul, mind and heart of those I leave behind.


Can't control it why worry about it. Most people are just not brave enough to acknowledge the fact that there is nothing after life! That is why you should live every day as your last. Tell the people that you love every day. Do not worry but take the best action you can with problems.Create a bucket list and try to complete it. I accomplished about 80% but health has prevented me from the rest. I hope I do not linger for a long time.In addition I am sad at the sadness my passing may cause others as I have a very close relationship with my extended family. Just appreciate every day!


I'm not in the least bit afraid of my eventual end. Things come and things go. However, I admit I am concerned a little about the when. Any time will be too soon for me. So much left to learn, so many things yet to experience. Of course I see how ridiculous that is, but it is my one concern. The people around me I know may hurt for a while, but life will go on for them after my switch is flipped. I wish them well.

Why others have such fear, I can't even begin to say. I'm sure the reasons are in incomprehensible variations, so I won't try.


it's the dying part and perhaps knowing your dying that's scary. you don't get upset about before you were born.


It does scare me. Not believing in heaver or hell or any of that, I've thought through what it might be like for absence of anything after it, and it's frightening. Think about when you sleep, the dreaming part aside, or better yet if you go under for surgery. Someone sitting awake with you will experience several hours of time pass, while for you it's instantaneous, yet you were together just before and still together now, experiencing the same moments. Like nature abhors a vacuum, consciousness abhors nothingness, and like the perception of time from falling asleep to waking up gets stretched together to meet another, when you die and there is nothing afterwards, your perception of time will be infinitely stretched forward. So I hope to be in a very painless and non-horrific situation when my time comes, or I could find myself in my very personal hell forever.

godef Level 7 Dec 18, 2017

Been there done that...NDE. Noting to fear. It is the place of energy or fixed design from where you came. Or not, either way, it will come.


People fear pain and the unknown. I also fear meeting new people and talking to women.


I'll sleep when I'm dead.

death, the ultimate nap


Yes and no... stupid answer huh! I got startled from a scary ghost movie the other night. I said WHAT!!! There aint no freaking ghost! Why did you jump??? It must of been old reflexes popping up... I tell myself and others that I'm not afraid... but hell. I'm not dying either. I hope I'm not afraid.

Bob, you probably experienced what is known as predatory death anxiety which arises from the fear of being harmed and leads to fight-or-flight responses. It is considered the most basic and oldest form of death anxiety. Your amygdala reacted before the external signals got to your prefrontal cortex to assess that it wasn't a real threat. It's normal.

Alright Victoria... Thank you.


I have had two close friends who had terminal illnesses, and each chose assisted dying at Dignitas in Switzerland. In the same position I would do the same.


Death is exactly what it looks like. When I'm dead I won't even know I"m dead because there will be no one there anymore to know anything. Kinda makes you appreciate life here and now every day.


A few years ago, I was diagnosed with leukemia. I found it to be very interesting that i ws nto really scared at all about dying. (I no longer have leukemia)

As to death itself, I will get there eventually, as we all will, but I am not in any hurry to get there. I think fear of death is just fer of the unknown. I don't see any rationality to beign afraid just becaue I don't knoe something... yet.


I have no fear of death. It's an inevitable conclusion whether you're ready to die or not. What I do fear is how I die. For example, I find the concept of being eaten alive, terrifying. I find I'm afraid of drowning. There are other ways of dying I fear but I won't get into that. You get my point.

SamL Level 7 Dec 18, 2017

I work at a hospital. I have thick skin now. Death doesn't scare me anymore.

MoniB Level 6 Dec 18, 2017

Mostly... I think when the body dies we die with it. I'm not 100% certain though. In my observations I have to suppose it's very possible to advance your intellect to a point we could survive outside our biological residence. I know that seems delusional to your average newbie. Give it time 🙂


"Why should I fear death?
If I am, then death is not.
If Death is, then I am not.
Why should I fear that which can only exist when I do not?" - Epicurus

I cannot fear something that cannot exist simultaneously in the same space, so death is merely, another transition. Nothing truly dies.

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