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If You Could Create a Law=Legislation, What Would It Be?

In an Alternate Time Line, Lets Say you are Mitch McConnell or Nancy Pelosi, the head of your party in congress. If you Draft a Bill, Submit for a Vote in congress and send to the Presidents Desk for signing, what would your law be?
Your law can be anything you are passionate about!

twshield 8 Dec 19

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also free child care and end all export licences to arms manufacturers


all law makers must wear badges on their jackets with their corporate sponsors advertised in ratio to their donations at all times while in the service or representation of the public

Very good!


How about "former game show hosts are not allowed to be President"? 🙂


Sorry, Mark Cuban... 😟


universal health care (like we have in Canada) Maternity leave for a year (either for the mother or father) gun control, no religion taught in any schools, tax churches, especially the fakest of the fakes, scientology, close all exhibits that use animals to entertain humans, get rid of Kill shelters and have only NO kill shelters, free spay and neuter for pets of low income households, stop giving welfare cheques to people that can work but won't (bit of a problem here in Canada) and instead they must put in a certain number of hours per week volunteering at various places (eg. food bank, seniors homes, animal shelter) ... big list ,, none of it will happen.

i love it!!!

Just to be clear, are these things Canada already has?

@chuckles kind of , we have all of that except the last part, our shelters are all No kill, we have free or low cost spay and neuter for people that can't afford it as well as vet care for pets of low income people. I was making my new wish list for the americans i guess.

Got it, congrats!


The law i would like to see is. Support for veganism.

Sorry, while I agree people (in the USA, at least) should eat less meat, I am firmly against legislating that.


I'd get rid of gerrymandering and overturn Citizens United. Then I'd do something about lobbying.

Yes, having either party in charge of districting is bad news. We need a non-partisan way of doing that.


2 days a week for 6 months mandatory community service ( picking up litter )
For littering.
Longer for second offense...


Legalize the Dreamers. No more games.

right on!


Affordable/free healthcare. Having been diagnosed with hyper tension and had survived a stroke this is something I am very passionate about.

good idea,and hope all is well!


All schools mandated to have cameras on the exterior of the buildings with a crew that monitors them. An armed veteran firearm /taser on every campus.

what a wonderful world you hope for


Religious organizations are no longer tax exempt.
Easy one, lol.

love it!

Good call, I didn't think about this one right away. But I thought about it last week in the context of the new US tax bill. In that, there is (or maybe "was", who knows at this point) a repeal of the Johnson amendment, where it will allow religious orgs to contribute to political campaigns. I was thinking that religious orgs would have a choice - pick one and stay with it forever - either be tax exempt and you can't give to politicians, OR pay taxes and you can give to politicians. Then, add in some constraints that prohibit them from have a tax exempt side and a taxable one and being able to pass their money between the two. (Tough to enforce that last part, but there may be ways...)

There are too many loopholes that allow the evangelicals to contribute to political candidates and there will be more and more loopholes overtime with the current administration. It would be a dream come true to see an end to that shit. I support Justice Democrats. No Big Money donations in politics, only small money donations from the "grass roots". If you don't know about it, google Justice Democrats and check it out. I'm hoping they will be able to make a big difference.


Shutting down Congress's own special health care provisions, along with provisions stripping away all congressional pension benefits for any congressperson or senator found guilty of or pleading nolo contender to any criminal or sexual harassment charges.

And a full work year.. 5 days a week .
And a receipt for all expenses...


I break more laws than I follow so... I gonna have to pass. Okay, give the Independence to Puerto Rico. I like the sound of "Republica Democratica de Puerto Rico".


All politicians must release their tax returns to the public. Let's see what they are invested in, so we know why they support the legislation they support.


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