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Does anyone here use essential oils? what is your favorite fragrance and how do you use them? In a bath or diffuser? Share your experience.

I diffuse lavender. It helps me relax and I like the smell.

Aralt 7 May 27

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Olbas pain killer available in health stores.$10 an 1/8 of an once.


ylang ylang in a diffuser


Pikake--Hawaiian Jasmine--best (essential oil) perfume to buy a woman ever! I've seen it online. But I buy it at Lotions & Potions

lerlo Level 8 May 28, 2018

Eucalyptus oil is great for fighting a cough and clearing congestion. Rosemary is supposed to help your memory, I'm not sure if it is efficient. Lavender for relaxation. Peppermint for energy. Tea Tree oil for fighting infection. Lemon oil helps boost cleaning power. I used woody scents when I made beard balm for my daughters' partners, they're all bearded. I use peppermint, and lavender most frequently.


Rose, Rose Geranium, and Black Current most of the year. For the year end holiday season, I get out the bayberry, fir, spruce, pine, etc... I mostly use them in catalytic lamps or paraffin warmers.

Zster Level 8 May 27, 2018

I use 5wt30 synthetic oil in my Miata. It is essential.


The only essential oil I use is the one in my car 🙂


I just got a diffuser. So far, the citrus are my favorite, especially tangerine. I use essential oil to make sugar scrub also...most in demand is Citrus Mint.

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