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Would you want the ability to read minds?

If you were offered the ability to read minds, would you want it?

On one hand you would know what people were thinking. You'd be able to use that to your advantage. Interviews would be easy. No one would be able to lie to you.

On the other hand you would constantly hear everything running through other people's minds. Constant stream of noise and information. Maybe even some things you don't want to know.

So would you want it?

silvereyes 8 Dec 20

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No thanks! I have a hard enough time reading my own mind! πŸ™‚


No thanks. My personal "mind reading" skills are more practical.


What women want... Mel Gibson !


I don't even want to read my own mind, much less anyone else's. I couldn't handle any more darkness.


Will everyone shut the Hell up. Hell no!


So I can't control it? Lame.
I'll take it.


Honestly I hear enough from stupid people I'm good.


Before I read that last paragraph I was thinking yes, I'd like it if I could turn it on or off whenever I wanted to.

Since I can't, I'll say no. Tinnitus is enough for me anyway.


Aha, but you didn't specify as to whether or not you can turn this ability on and off. Since that remains open, I'm going to assume you can. Therefore, I'd be extremely happy to have such a gift.

@silvereyes That's just an implication. Sure, you could infer the conclusion that it's constant, but you could equally ignore it. Clarity is key.

Also, I'm an arsehole.


As a lifelong sufferer of tinnitus, I could easily handle it so yes I would want it.

SamL Level 7 Dec 20, 2017

I feel like i wouldn't want to know what people were thinking. Some of the stuff we all think from time to time is just weird, plus it'd feel like a violation of the person I was reading.


I absolutely would take it, as long as it was dulled by increased proximity. I think you'd gain compassion for people and learn our motivations are very similar.


If I had the power to turn my mind reading abilities on and off, then yes.


Well looking at this from the perspective of Professor X, although it would be really noisy getting every ones thoughts at once if you are in a crowded place, i would still love to have this ability so i could influence a person's mind in a positive way. Perhaps to give a person peace that siffers from anxiety or pain.

@silvereyes Thanks my friend!

@VirginCotton I think you are over thinking this scenario way too much lol.
even when i did believe in god i never thought he enters a persons mind and controls them.
the control comes from the brainwashing not god.


That's "reading"


Reading my own presents enough difficulties!

0 it is my mind is a toilet bowl of useless noise ...


Oh... Geeze! ..... no..... I got a dull ringing in there already... all the time. I need a fan to go to sleep. Because I get hot and for the white noise to drown out the ringing. I wore earplugs for 40 years and i still got ir.


The only way I'd want it is if I could turn it off. I'm a firm believer that other people are entitled to the privacy of their thoughts, but there are some situations in which having that sort of access could be useful (e.g., dealing with corrupt people in authority or criminals). But, for the most part, I'd not use itβ€” so long as I could mute it.


I think I like things the way they are.

skado Level 8 Dec 20, 2017
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