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Why do we put round pizza in a square box and eat it in triangles?

ballou 8 Dec 20

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It must be some kind of conspiracy. I'll research it and get back to you.


Not where I am from.......We do squares.


It's God's Will?

twill Level 7 Dec 20, 2017

I know your question is only meant to illustrate a fun fact, so here goes an attempt at a rational reply & observation, also just for fun:

  1. It's more difficult and relatively costly to make a round container, e.g. a box.
  2. Since the art of pizza dough creation requires a spinning motion, pizzas of course are round. The most efficient way to equally portion a circle is to cut with straight lines that intersect at the middle.
  3. The resulting portions resemble triangles only on two sides.


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