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LINK Here's where your donated clothing really ends up

Most of us have too much stuff.

HippieChick58 9 May 30

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Years ago I was involved with the United Way. We had a very enlightening discussion about clothes from them. We were asked to take a think about our own closets, and aside from out-of-fashion, or too small, how long would it be before we wore out our clothes. Forget the fashion thing, just the wearing out. We realized we probably had enough clothes to last us the rest of our lives, or at the least, 10 years, The point was, America's only clothing problem is not-enough-closets. The donations agencies are inundated with clothes. they cut them up and make rags, but still the clothes keep flooding in.


When I give clothes away, it's because they're the wrong size or possibly style. I'll find someone that can use it. Mom likes to take her stuff to the Neighborhood house or church. Who knows where they end up?

Stuff: yardsales


GOOD WILL makes a fortune on those items donated. Never use them.


I have been a minimalist since well before it became trendy, so I haven't had anything to donate for 10+ years. When I wear something out, I then use it as a cleaning cloth, shoe polishing rag etc. When I did have things to donate (for example, I had too many suits) I tried to find a local organization that helps ex cons and others down on their luck re-enter society. I avoid Goodwill.


Since so much of it will end up in poor countries, why not give it directly to aid organisations?


we should devise a new way of recycling clothes like patch work clothing and donating something decent to human beings not old torn ones we just need to come up with solutions to help

Rosh Level 7 May 30, 2018
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