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Are most Canadians Atheists?

I find that most of my friends and aquaintances are atheists, or at the very least not religious. I live in Sidney which is on Vancouver island.

Funeralgirl 7 May 30

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When I visited Canada I found it in many ways similar to the UK and in other ways similar to the USA, so maybe the secular values have come from the UK but they haven't quite made it to atheism. I wasn't there long, but Canada seemed like a more relaxed and accepting country than the USA.

ya I find that too, no one talks to you about their god, or their jesus, it's just a non subject. works for me!


While far less religious than the U.S., Canada seems to not be majority atheist:



Well, i was born in Canada and i'm an atheist. I actually came to the States when i was 3 and grew up here, although i had many relatives in Canada and spent a fair amount of time there. For the most part, Canadians tend to be much lower key than Americans, and i'm not sure what percentage of them are atheists, but i do know that from what i saw in Canada, there sure wasn't the crazed fanatics that religion causes down here in the States.


I don't know either but I sure would like to know what is fuelling the liberal attitude in the country recently. I tend to think of liberalism as secular values trumping religious values, such as Ireland voting against the Catholic Church in the gay marriage and abortion referenda. But maybe I'm wrong - maybe modern Christians see liberal values as the core of Christianity, loving your neighbour as yourself and not judging so that you are not judged.


No - only about 20%

gater Level 7 May 31, 2018

I lived in the Comox Valley on the north end of the island back in the 1990's and I'm a 9th generation Canadian so I can tell you with a fair degree of confidence that most Canadians are not Atheists although it does vary by region and it's a very big country with a lot of regions, 2nd largest country in the world after Russia actually.
Surveys show that on average the percentage of non-religiously affiliated Canadians is about the same as for Americans, about 1 in 4. What we don't seem to have as many of is religious fundamentalists and those we do have are naturally - More Polite- than some of the nut job fundamentalists in the US of A. The overwhelming, no holds barred, nobody else even comes close Religion in Canada is of course - HOCKEY! Hockey Night in Canada marks the beginning of the Sabbath on Saturday night and services are held throughout the week when one includes away games.
Vancouver Island is probably not representative of Canada as a whole, Vancouver Islanders have been talking about separating from British Columbia for ages and barely qualify as Canadians, a bit like Puerto Rico for you Americans, only more polite, unless it's the play offs. 🙂

lol we are kind of the Puerto Rico of Canada now that you say that !! I am still looking for a bumper sticker for my car I see all the time "relax, this ain't the mainland"

@Funeralgirl Vancouver Island was my first time living on an island, I am now on my 5th island, the lifestyle is addictive.


I suspect it is a regional thing. I am near you and most here are not big church goers. The natural beauty has something to do with it and your nations national health care has a lot of influence reducing religions impact.

ya that's right, you live near by don't you, so you're right for sure

@Funeralgirl I can see BC from my window and BC can see us. I have some good friends that live at Point Bob (Roberts) and my brother-in-law and his family live in N. Van.


Well, I live in rural Alberta and I haven’t met another atheist. People claim to be religious but they aren’t in your face about it.

I agree, I am from Alberta, small towns are church based community based, but you are right, they are so not in your face, they just don't really care one way or the other do the?

@Funeralgirl Yes. There are three churches in town and more in the county. People might ask you which church you go to but most don’t really care.


Have no idea ! Are they ?




I have one fiend in canada who is But i call him a hoser lol


I'm no expert but I view Canada as more closely related to other developed countries in Europe than I do the U.S. That being the case I assume nonreligion/atheism is far more common there than here.


If they are, they are very friendly atheists. Oh, ya!

balou Level 8 May 31, 2018

the Canadian situation is much the same as the American one... only we don't have the guns to exert pressure on small groups...Agnostic/Atheist leanings are low percentage but we have discovered that living in a more secular society does much for acceptance of different...

blzjz Level 7 May 31, 2018

You worship Tim Horton's. LOL

@Silverwhisper Wow...sorry to hear...I love Timmies. I buy the coffee here at Costco, There are a couple Tim stores around here, but not convenient. I hope they still make the best crullers.

yes, a lot of people do, but I am not a fan. I have better taste LOL

@Secretguy i prefer McDonald's and their drive thru is on my way to the cemetery, so win win!!

@Funeralgirl Can you roll up the rim at McD?? LOL


I think a lot "identify" with the religion that they grew up with, but they don't buy into the rhetoric. The pull of wanting to believe in something bigger is very strong, so I think that although they might not subscribe to organized religion, complete Atheism is a pretty frightening prospect for most. At least in my experience.


Most Canadains says they are Spiritual rather than Religion. Even ones that say they are Christians.


Probably, since their educational system and intellectual culture among the majority are pretty good.


I movedarund a lot in my life religion always shows up


I come from a religious family, but Campbell River, where I'm currently living seems extra religious. lot's of churches up here. I was raised in Shawnigan.


That is a myth perpatrated by religeous americans

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