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Phew! Trader Joe's and Costco are on the "good" list.

IKR!! That's a good chunk of my budget.


Excellent info. Reposted on FB.


Interesting list. It seems that I have been avoiding all the right (every pun intended) companies all along. Good to know.


That was helpful


Only one to avoid: Awful Waffle House (it seems so local!)

I just try not to buy anything. That seems to work pretty well.

I haven't lived near a Waffle House in ages, and don't miss it at all.


I'm surprised to see Sonic on there. Here is a receipt (not mine) from a Sonic here in Southern MS. The second image (comment) is from someone who is very religious and very conservative.

Wow! I don't know the last time I was at Sonic, I know I did not check my receipt. Hmmmm, do I wanna check out Sonic again....

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