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Hurricane Season is here! Are you ready?

Hey friends... just got a reminder in the newspaper today. We seem to get 1 or 2 close calls. I was here when the last one came over my house. It's TRUE about the sound and mini tornadoes. It's TRUE about the eye passing over and no sound. Then starting again with a vengeance. I was out of electricity for 21 days. I stayed behind. I ran generators day and night. It was freaking hot and humid afterwards. Looters breaking into houses for food and whatever. Stealing gas from left behind cars and boats. I could hear them in the night in the woods behind my house. Those woods are gone now. I had protection from the looters. I feel it's going to be one of those years again because the gulf water is getting hotter. Hmm.... wherever you go theres something... floods, tornadoes, ice storms, 10 foot of snow...damn.
do you have extreme weather where you live?

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BucketlistBob 8 June 1

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I am a hurricane ?...yes I live near the gulf, the Mississippi river, pearl river and lake ponchatrain all my life except when I'm traveling inland like to relatives in the Midwest (tornado alley) . Storms are beautiful. It let you know who is BOSS....I have been in several hurricanes like Betsy, Camille, Andrew, Katrina....and when Big Moma and her Sisters comes to clea n house she does just that . Nature's Way.


I live in Austin, so sometimes your hurricane becomes our tropical storm.

vita Level 7 June 2, 2018

Some times it sure does. Check this out.
Hurricane Rita: Louisiana - Photo 1 - Pictures - CBS News

I moved to Texas in 2004. My husband's hometown is Orange, Texas (which he describes in a song he wrote as being "as south as east can go," so almost in Louisiana). Since I've been in Texas, Orange has been hit by three major hurricanes: Rita, Ike, and Harvey.

With Rita, the Orange family came to stay with us. I recall trying to get any information on storm damage at all. The major news stations were reporting on Beaumont and other sizable cities and towns, but only rarely was Orange mentioned. Finally, the operators of KOGT (Orange's radio station) snuck back into town, took tons of pictures, and posted them online. Rita was mostly wind damage. Tons and tons of trees snapped like twigs. Lots of roof damage. And no power for a very long time.

With Ike, my mother-in-law had rented a beach house in Crystal Beach the week before and the extended family came to stay. Some of the kids were rowdy and the house had sustained some minor damage. So she waited for the owners to send her a bill. Then Ike wiped all of Crystal Beach off the map. In all the pictures I saw, only one house was left standing. When the owner finally contacted my mother-in-law, it was only to ask if the family had taken any photos of the beach house. She needed them for insurance purposes. Orange sustained major flood damage.

With Harvey, we couldn't go to rescue my mother-in-law as the hurricane was between Austin and Orange. She's now in her '90s and blind. Her house didn't flood, but her street did. And, obviously, the power went out. Her home health aide sent someone in a boat to rescue her. She spent the next week with the home health aide and her family in a riverboat casino hotel in Lake Charles, Louisiana. She said it was a good time, but was glad to get back home.


No hurricanes @5,000 ft., but we do have some severe thunderstorms, lightning, hail, and an occasional tornado. The tornadoes usually occur east of me in the Colorado Plains. Winters are surprisingly mild, with ample snow and the occasional blizzard. The sun shines 300 days a year and the summers are warm and pleasant, but without that cloying heat and humidity. Welcome to The Front Range of Colorado.


Don't really have to bad of weather here in northern KY. But I have lost power before, and been snow in for maybe the longest two days. But you never know what might happen, so I stay stocked up on food and have a backup Generator just in case. I noticed that people that live on farms like myself sore of grew up with this way of thinking and living. I do know a lot of people that run to the store everytime they hear some bad weather report.

Well brother... i kind of keep a couple of weeks food just in case.


We have large wildfires, flooding, hail, blizzards, extreme low temperature,Freak thunderstorms,Rock falls,Rock slides,Erosion,Earthquakes,high winds,Drought,ETC.


We get heat, tornadoes, and hail storms, and freezing rain, snow, and blizzards!! Yeah, Nebraska has a disaster for all seasons.


In upstate NY there are no earthquakes, and contrary to what most people think, hurricanes and nor'easters mostly don't make it past at most a couple hundred miles inland before they just turn into inconvenient thunderstorms.

The northern tier of counties have epic amounts of lake effect snow in winter, but not where I am. I'm in wine country, not whine country 😉

Once in awhile we get a heavy snow but no more than I was used to growing up in the midwest.

I've lived in Michigan, Illinois, Indiana and Arizona before and overall, I personally like NY the best. Only real downside is the ridiculous property taxes.

I would not live in hurricane territory or tornado country, not willingly anyway.

I grew up 150 miles west of where I live now, but I have lived all over much of the world, and ended up back here 13 years ago. There are worse places. I lived through earthquakes in Japan and Washington State, typhoons in Japan, hurricanes on the east coast, tornadoes in Kansas and Nebraska, blizzards in several states, and floods about everywhere I've lived. No place is perfect, I chose to stay here because family is here.

@HippieChick58 Oh yeah, family trumps everything ... we are where we are in part because we hope we might be close to where our children end up (for some given value of "close" ). Because it's an attractive place for them to want to visit, etc.


I guess I need to stock up on batteries. If electric goes out for days again I guess I’ll be hungry. I love peanut butter butter but a diet of it for days is a little much.


After Katrina I said no more coasts for me and moved to the mountains. Where I live (near Chattanooga) we have 4 seasons, we get snow maybe once a year, less than an inch and melts overnight. Gets a little hot in the summer, but the mild winters are totally worth it. Occasional rainstorms and tornadoes, but that's everywhere.



I’m looking forward to a storm or 2 this year. Alicia, Rita, Ike, keep them coming!!!


I'm entirely prepared for any hurricane that comes through here. when it comes to the tornadoes which those storms and other storms can produce, prepared seems an awfully confident word. if by prepared you mean a hole in the ground yes.

During tornado season, I always wear a parachute and carry oxygen.


Lot of snow. Heat and humidity now. Allergy season lasting weeks this year.


Luckily I don't live in a hurricane zone. I hope you have no problems or looters this time.


Because I live in the southeastern corner of New Mexico, I don't need to be prepared for hurricanes. All we have to do is be ready for tornadoes. So, yeah, I'm ready for both, but I prefer hurricanes.


22 kw generators cost around 5 grand. Add maybe 2 more to put it in. Then theres a service contract to inspect it from time to time. It can really help if you loose power for awhile.

Providing your fuel is adequate and clean.

I’m on the same circuit as the local hospital, no worries for power outage here.

@evidentialist I forgot to say its natural gas for fuel...

@BucketlistBob -- That's good. You can use bat guano in a pinch.

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