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What's a good holiday food for you???

I'm going to buy 4 pork shoulders and smoke them for 12 hours and give them out to my neighbors. What are your plans?

BucketlistBob 8 Dec 22

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I have a tribe of young adults here tonight, they have been arriving all week, 3 days cooking My food of choice is shellfish, but at it all 3 days ago. Today lots of meats, baked ham etc, all sorts of salads, and home made deserts, ice creams, custards, pavlovas, caramels. All too rich and sickly sweet.

Damn that sounds good. Are you cooking crabs? I've seen some videos and yours are twice the size of our blue crabs.

We didn't have crabs sadly, we have various types here, but our mud or mangrove crabs, probably the ones you have seen are the best thing I have tasted in my life.



Lucky neighbors


I'm apparently coming over to your place... Smoked pork shoulder is a fav of mine. I'll bring the bourbon...

Everybodies welcomed. I wish all could get together for a weekend. That would be so cool.


whatever takes my fancy


I bought a spiral ham the other day - made a potato/ham/cheese casserole yesterday and will make split pea w/ham soup today. Christmas Day? Probably a big breakfast.

I absolutely love those dishes you made. I havent mastered the casserole because the dish calls for real Swiss cheese and I used that cheap walmart Velveeta. I still use the can version of the pea soup and add ham... lol.


Home made mashed potatoes


Anything Italian.. but I love to bake so pies, bbq ribs, honey ham & sweet potato pie!

I have not mastered pies yet. I love chicken pot pies... it's been awhile since I've had one...yumm


I'm with @GeekLeen on this one! Moving next door 😉

A plethora of home cooked Italian food. A feastival of food.

I love italian... I can add zing to smoked chicken by adding Italian dressing to it for 24 hours before i cook it. You can taste the sweetness of smoke and spices of the neighbors always ask me to bring it... cheap and easy food ...yummu.


A turkey drumstick should be the centerpiece, deep fried Renaissance faire style if possible!

I love those drum sticks... yummm. They taste like ham. I want to learn how to do

Come to think of it your right! I've been to a dozen different faires and, no matter how they go on about their own unique recopies, they all taste wonderfully alike.


Potato Salad is my favorate! (Carbs are the enemy)

Oh yes on the potatoe salad. That's my wife's favorite food.

@GeekLeen ... we're starting after the

@GeekLeen Good for you. I didnt eat carbs for a year. That is how i lost 100 lbs so fast. now i incorporate a small portion in my diet.

@GeekLeen Well your angry enough lol so please eat sugar!!! ( just kidding my friend)

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