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How often do you say WTF!

I admit I do it often. I'm am an agnostic. That says a lot about my belief in God. I don't follow a lot of warm and fuzzy trends...WTF. I mostly speak my mind...WTF. Dont throw a poor me at me...WTF. I may look like one in your eyes...WTF. Who really cares anyway?

BucketlistBob 8 June 3

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Pretty much all the time. Especially when frustrated 🙂


WTF . Only when I am asked WTF questions ??


I don't say it very often really. Maybe because I'm such a lady.

FFS!..Is that Jehova's Witnesses at the door?


Only when something truly WTF happens. Sadly, that no longer includes American politics as that's so WTF as to not be remarkable any longer.

vita Level 7 June 5, 2018

All the fucking time.


All the time


Due to overuse, I've abbreviated it to "dafuck!!!!" Saves time


I probably use that expression two or three times a day, more or less. I think i's often fitting for some of the stupid or outrageous things done or said these days

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