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How often do you say WTF!

I admit I do it often. I'm am an agnostic. That says a lot about my belief in God. I don't follow a lot of warm and fuzzy trends...WTF. I mostly speak my mind...WTF. Dont throw a poor me at me...WTF. I may look like one in your eyes...WTF. Who really cares anyway?

BucketlistBob 8 June 3

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WTF kind of question is this Bob?? ??

I depends on the day and the company I am keeping...and if I have read Trumps newest tweet. Lol





Every single day. Many times a day.



More often than I'd like to. We live in WTF times.



I need a T shirt with WTF, that might make my life easier.



Ever since the election it seems to be daily!

and the fucking self-motherfucking serving royal poxy snobby fucking wedding ffs

I hear ya!

@LeighShelton. Im past that

@BucketlistBob I would be if I didn't live in England and have it jammed down my throat every fucking day even though I don't read the supposed news or watch it if I can help it. I almost miss watching that fucking twat trump talking bollox and fucking up the planet.

@LeighShelton all i can say is ok.... i live here and i see whats going on and we're helpless....


With our current "president", at least daily if not multiple times a day.


I say jesus fucking christ more. Especially when sharing the road with people who apparently got their driver's licenses despite not: using a turn signal, following road sign instructions, driving the speed limit or at least reasonably close to it, staying on one lane, or driving sober it seems. Monday mornings on the way to work? The. Worst. :/

OMG are you sure your not describing your morning commute with me!!!!!! And my favorite is Jesus H Christ!

@icolan Now that's funny. lol


daily? or hourly? lol


I don't count


And on some relevant occasions, it's WTAF. A for Actual. ?


I usualy think WTF when listening to the latest way Trump is fucking up the country.

Hear ya!


I don't use it as often as I should. I'm going to remedy that. 😀


I say what the fuck often, I only use the abbreviation when writing


Part of me is less and less surprised by daily life and WTF is almost redundant. The other part of me is always surprised by the growing stupidity of people and WTF seems the only appropriate reply 🙂


Many Many Times Daily.

Coldo Level 8 June 3, 2018

@Shelton cool bro


Almost everyday, mostly because I read the news.


Probably about eight times a day. Even more if I turn to a news channel on the telly.

Deb57 Level 8 June 4, 2018

Who's counting, right? ?


Never - It never springs to mind - I usually say a very cockney -sounding 'Wha'h? in a very sort of disbelieving way! - I go back to my east end roots for these occasions of emphasis'



I say the initials out loud these days, but only in dire situations, maybe once a month or so 🙂



Never but I have some others I have worn out over the years.

Not you?


My go to is normally, "oh... For Fuck sakes" but I do enjoy a nice WTF on those real special occasions... Especially traffic. ?


Never. WTF is not in my lexicon. Instead I ask: "What on Earth?"

"What is that?" or

"What was that about?"

Its ok. Its in i have met others that say the same.

I truely understood...


I started saying that a little since I became an atheist. It's just an expression.


I don't say WTF. I'm a pk. I know all (or most) of the curse words, but 'it is not sociable language', so I say golly-gee, darn, when the pig pen dries up, or something similar.

I love you man...keep being you.

@BucketlistBob I can't help myself but to love you ... I lost the manual.


@icolan preacher's kid


That's sweet. I admire you for not swearing.

@LiterateHiker Thanks, I'm blushing and giggling inside 🙂

Good for you. I swear like a pirate.

@AstralSmoke that only means you should swear twice as much!

how's that working out for you?

@springlover Every now and then I let one out. It's very potent because I rarely talk like that.

@springlover It's what I'm comfortable with.

@LiterateHiker Thanks. I admire you as well.

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