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So I recently asked about kitty health insurance. I bought a policy.

$18.59 a month.

Last week, my new owner was beat up/attacked by something (doctor claims larger cat? It looked like a large human with an ax, but that's just my take.) 😳

She had kitty surgery, wore the cone of shame, yada, yada, yada.

$150.00 deductible. Staples, stitches. Ear saved, neck repaired. 😬👏👏👏

She is now, on kitty oxycotin and I'm sorry, but there is some funny cat stuff going on.

Cats don't like looking stupid, it just isn't their thing. Unless they are? Oxycat.

Being kitty high is apparently, well, fuzzy blankets? Cool (Pic 1) stare-worthy. REaaaally staring.

Hiding but not really? Cool. (pic2)

And completely out. 😻

(She's just precious.) Left ear saved! 👏😽

I may have an addiction issue down the road, however. She doesn't even want butter on those. She just eats them. 😳
.025 MG oxy. 😋

(PS. The insurance was a good idea.)👍

SeaGreenEyez 9 Dec 7
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Sounds like it was just in time for insurance.

OldGoat43 Level 9 Dec 8, 2021

Hope she's well quickely

bobwjr Level 10 Dec 7, 2021

Hope your fur baby has a full recovery. Good on you for being such a conscientious and loving human.

Deb57 Level 8 Dec 7, 2021

I think I have a budding addict on my hands. (That's humor from me, so we're clear)

She likes those kitty oxy. I set up my GoPro for tomorrow. I wonder what she does when I'm gone and she literally is high as all hell. Thank you for wishing her well. Hope we don't need an intervention for the oxy. 😬😬😬


Kitty insurance has definitely worked out well for us. Wishing kitty a speedy recovery.


Get well soon, kitty!


You are a good cat mom. Your cat looks happy and spoiled!

She is usually ElCee. Superhero however, Oxycat. I'm sorry but LOL

Sweet girl is a wee bit high. 😳


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