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I don't travel, & my kitties are indoor kitties.


I can just imagine negotiating the various import/export laws as they travel.

glennlab Level 10 Aug 6, 2022

I thought that, too. I suspect it's like having a part-time job while traveling.

@Lauren Can you imagine trying to keep the records of travels, since restrictions normally apply based on the previous countries you've been in and the various quarantine requirements?

@glennlab I can only imagine! I'm a detail-oriented person and it sounds like more trouble than it's worth to me, although perhaps they're making enough money from their social media following that it's worth it for them to spend the time with it. But that certainly makes it less of a holiday.


My cat won't even let me pick him up.

OldGoat43 Level 9 Aug 6, 2022

very cute

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