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Cooking chicken...

By kmdskit38
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Who's cooking? You or them? It appears that THEY are closer to the stove than you are, at least at the moment this picture was taken.

citronella Level 7 June 22, 2018

Lol cute little vultures.

Mkonnick Level 5 June 21, 2018

'Vultures' is a good way to say it.


You have well behaved friends, ours try to get on the stove and help.

dalefvictor Level 8 June 20, 2018

Missy Girl, the tortoiseshell on the red cushion, has taken cooking food out of a skillet.


Looks like my house

Kahuna Level 6 June 20, 2018

When I was a kid we had a Siamese cat; very sweet kitty, very unSiamese temperament. Mom worked in a restaurant, got home after midnight. Put a frozen chicken on the counter to thaw. After she got in bed she heard a loud thunk, then slide, slide, thunk, thunk, thunk, slide. Then she got up to check. The cat had pulled the chicken off the counter, across the kitchen floor, down the steps, over the landing, and was headed down to the basement with it. Mom rescued our Sunday dinner, still in the wrappings, put it back on the counter and put a heavy bowl over it. The kitty yowled at her for several minutes for taking away her midnight snack, then gave it up and came up to me in bed. Great memory.

HippieChick58 Level 9 June 20, 2018

I love this story.


True story: One night many years ago, my wife left chicken thawing on the kitchen counter. Then next morning the wrapper was outside on the lawn (we had a pet door). It seems the cats jumped up and knocked the chicken off the counter and the dachshund took it from there. How she didn't rip her insides apart from those chicken bones, we never knew!

I_dont_know Level 7 June 20, 2018

Have to put one of those old unabridged dictionaries on the trash can or else Missy Girl, the tortie on the red cushion, will dig chicken bones out of the trash.


I remember a long time ago at my brothers turning away from my plate for mere seconds only to have his poor cat try to make off with my portion of chicken sitting on the side of the soup dish.

FrayedBear Level 9 June 20, 2018

They're helping!

RavenCT Level 9 June 20, 2018

Lurking is more like it!?



Sheannutt Level 9 June 20, 2018
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