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Cassie (originally Cassiopeia) somehow hurt herself a few weeks ago, possibly from slipping and falling. I knew something was wrong when I heard a loud "thump" in the other room. I hobbled in to look, and she ran from me. She was holding her tail at an odd angle, and not moving it (she's quite the tail talker), so I knew something was wrong.

I transported her to her Dr. Doolittle of a vet the next day. She had, as I remember, bruised the last vertebrae before her tail starts, and sprained her tail. I did not know that the nerve bundle at the base of a cat's spine helps them defecate. She was quite swollen at the base of her tail.

After repeated trips to the vet, the swelling has gone down, but she still has a big lump on the side of her tail. I've tried to catch her in the litter box just to make sure everything's working as it should, but she's always been very elusive about eliminating if I'm near.

I'm posting this mostly because I didn't know about all the functions of a cat's tail. I knew they were important for balance, and they use them to communicate, but I didn't realize there's more to it.

So, if your cat ever falls and then doesn't move their tail much, take them to the vet as soon as you can. The sooner there's a veterinary intervention, the better chance they have of good recovery.

By ailurophile7
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Yeah, I found out about the tails connection with defecation, balance, and back leg coordination when I had a cat with the Manx mutation. There are reasons many hop like bunnies when they run!

TaraMarshall Level 7 June 23, 2018

I didn't know that about Manx cats. Interesting!


Ah, your tortoiseshell. Poor girl. How old is she? Hope that she soon recovers.

FrayedBear Level 9 June 23, 2018

The Casserole is now ten going on eleven. She's officially listed as a dilute calico, but she has a ginger tabby patch on one leg, she's a tuxedo in front, her back and sides are dilute tortoiseshell, she has a grey goatee, and she has white socks on front, and white stockings on her hind legs. I used to call her the Frankenstein kitten, because she looked like she'd been well assembled from parts of many different cats.


She's beautiful. Glad to hear she is doing better.

I_dont_know Level 7 June 22, 2018

Thank you. She's back to her old self, and doesn't flinch if I touch the base of her tail.


Sending well wishes to Cassie get better soon pretty baby.

Sheannutt Level 9 June 22, 2018



Aww, poor little girl. I hope she's up and swishing like her old self soon!

synergy Level 6 June 22, 2018

Thank you. She is now.

@ailurophile I'm so glad to hear that!


So what did ybe vet do??

J-MaisOui Level 5 June 22, 2018

Gave her a couple of different shot over a period of three weeks, once a week.. I'll find the printout receipt of the work he did and report back.


Give Cassie a tummy rub from me.

Kahuna Level 6 June 22, 2018

Ha! She is actually one of the few cats I've ever met that doesn't set a handhold trap to catch hands when they gently rub her belly. Will do!


Get well soon Cass Hugs

Mooolah Level 8 June 22, 2018

Thank you.


Wow, hope she recovers soon, and thanks for the great info!

HippieChick58 Level 9 June 22, 2018

Thanks, and you're welcome. I have a great vet who tells me what he's doing, and why, so I learn from him.

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