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Just wanted to say hello and that I'm new to the website and this group. I was so happy to see a group for cat lovers since I have 3 here with me. I have a gray tabby by the name of Aiden who is almost 12 yo and 2 orange tabby brothers named Calvin and Sawyer who are about 7 yo. These two are the trouble makers but they make life interesting. I'm looking forward to being part of the group.

IrishTxJudy 8 July 21
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Welcome to the site and the group!


More kitty photos and kitty trouble makers


Pictures please!

kmdskit3 Level 8 July 22, 2018

Oh welcome to this group...we are crazy about cats!

IAmLove Level 7 July 21, 2018

Show us the PUSSY....Sorry wrong group...Let's see the pix...LOL Did not mean to offend just warped humor!!!!

I’m not easily offended so it’s all good.


Welcome!!! Kitty pics please!!

poetdi56 Level 7 July 21, 2018

Emma, Ozzy, Matty, Jack, Lilly, Kate and I welcome you. The first five are cats, Kate is my wife and I am Dale.


Welcome aboard, and happy caturday! (:

Zster Level 8 July 21, 2018

Welcome my fellow cat lover, post some photos of your beautiful kitties, please?

Sheannutt Level 9 July 21, 2018

Welcome - would love to see photos of your kitties!

Justjoni Level 8 July 21, 2018

Good to meet you, I'm fairly new too & still don't really understand the site well but am learning.

Lilac-Jade Level 9 July 21, 2018

Welcome!! I hope you enjoy your time with us.

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