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I’m happier when I have original content, but this was too funny not to share with you guys. Cats have their individual quirks, to be sure.

By Max_d_cat7
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Cats are finicky creatures.

Captain747ex Level 7 Aug 26, 2018

My son's Cat uses the toilet. That is really something to see ?

Sheannutt Level 9 Aug 26, 2018

@SACatWalker my son's cat scratches the toilet seat when she gets done.


I have never seen any of my cats pooping. The litter box has always been out of the way, and they've never used the box when I was near. OK, my current youngest cat will pee in front of me and right after I've cleaned the litter boxes. Litter boxes are now in the laundry room, and if I go in while they're on the box they will stop and run out of the room. Do I have weird cats?

HippieChick58 Level 9 Aug 26, 2018

No, they are all weird, which makes yours normal.

Mine have been the same way about pooping. Currently my Sophie will pee if I am in the kitchen (the litter box is also in the laundry room right off the kitchen). They're just like people - different preferences.