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Having lost our first cat to old age.... this meme gives me spiritual comfort. I believe that there are other states of sentience besides our current manifistation. Not supernatural or god-like. Just a different state of being. Nothing to worship. Just to acknowledge that we cannot be aware of all forms of existence. I'm looking forward to the next state of being. And I believe our buddies will be there too.

By bigpawbullets8
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That is sweet, that is wonderful to look forward to.

Sheannutt Level 9 Sep 7, 2018

While you are alive I would hope the dead pets remain in your heart and memories just as you will when you die.

FrayedBear Level 9 Sep 7, 2018

I think there are things we don't understand or understand imperfectly. It gives me peace to think I might be reunited with my fur children at some point, somehow that I don't understand. I'm a big proponent of whatever gives you peace.

HippieChick58 Level 9 Sep 7, 2018



Do you know the poem Rainbow Bridge? It gives me a very similar feeling.

Ray13 Level 8 Sep 7, 2018

Yes. I believe it originated in Norway a long time ago.

@bigpawbullets You are absolutely right, it is an anonymous Norwegian poem. I know it's just a poem, but a wondrous thought.


I like the way u stated it another way of being.
I think if it as another state of consciousness. So pretty close to the same thing just different words.
I really like the pic.
I’m hoping all my purr babies will be waiting for me.

Astrolabe62 Level 2 Sep 10, 2018
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