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I'm obviously a terrible mother.

It's clear that Bug simply didn't get enough for brekkie. He's kind enough to let me know when I'm shirking my parental responsibilities.

orange_girl 8 Sep 26
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That look.

Sydland Level 7 Sep 30, 2018

That Look....

scurry Level 9 Sep 27, 2018

He's got it down pat.


Gorgeous kitty!


Don't let it happen again!

I should find a pic of him showing what he looks like when he's about to attack. It's scary.


"Well? What are you waiting for?"

kmdskit3 Level 8 Sep 26, 2018

Yep! Patience is not his strong suit. LOL


Feline sign language for feed me is that hungry vacant stare, followed by camping out near your feet until you are tripping over them.

OldGoat43 Level 9 Sep 26, 2018

Reminded me of this:

Druvius Level 8 Sep 26, 2018

Ha ha ha That's fantastic!


Nala will wake me sometimes by moving her paw down my face very gently. Cats are so smart, she knows her claws would hurt me.
Bug has such perfect markings on his face. That's so cool looking.

Ray13 Level 8 Sep 26, 2018

Maybe Nala can have a talk with Bug, because he has no such awareness (more likely, he just doesn't care, I suppose). Once, many many years ago, he bit me in the face. It was sooooo distressing. I could not figure out what I did to provoke such a response. I was so upset, I think he realized he crossed a line (after I calmed down, I sat down and told him he couldn't do that again or it was "back to the orphanage). Luckily, he only periodically bites me (usually in the ass, no less) when he's grumpy.

@orange_girl It might be males are more prone to that. One of the few males I ever had used to bite me to get my attention, but not hard enough to hurt me.

@Ray13 Ha! That is so funny, because someone told me male cats (fixed ones, anyway) were more affectionate than females. LOL

I swear Spike can put out just one claw to poke me to wake me up. He also likes to bite when he's washing my hand. My girl is almost always sweet.

@orange_girl My son and his wife have 3 cats, 1 is male and he's the only one that ever bites. At least that's our experience so far.


My cat does the same thing. Wakes me up every morning even though he has food in his dish.

Princess only eats wet food, so if I don't get up early enough for him, he yowls outside my bedroom door. I've been told he's a little more than spoiled. LOL

@orange_girl Over spoiled as a cat should be.


Feed me Mama!!!

Yeah, he's got the "But I'm still hungry, mom!" look down pat. Don't let him fool you. (He often attacks me if I go to the kitchen and don't give him something to eat . . . good thing he's so cute).


Our bubby comes into the kitchen whenever the both of us are in there and just stares us down, as if to say "come on, come on, come on, please give me food, today's the day, right?"

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