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OK so my Cat CJ is being a total cat and maybe somebody has some advice, I don’t necessarily expect anything to work because he's a cat but here goes anyway
I live in a small apartment, 11ft wide by 30ft long
this means that with furniture and closets there are several choke points in the apartment
CJ likes to lie around on the floor, generally not an issue
However, I am incapable of taking a phone call without pacing, just Can’t do it
And this is when the issue occurs
If I walk past CJ a few times while on the phone he attacks my leg
And I don’t meet swats at I mean full on attacks, both front paws and mouth, full screeching and biting and aggressive cat noises
I have to take phone calls while at home, I have a home office that I work out of 2-3 days a week
I cannot stop pacing while on the phone, physically incapable
I cannot not walk past CJ as the apartment is just to damn small
So how do I get him to NOT attack me when I walk by more than twice in a minute?

TiernanMcCann 6 Mar 27
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Bug hates it when I’m on the phone, but he just usually gets off my lap and climbs to the top of his kitty condo to ignore me. He does sometimes bite me after I vacuum, because he hates the vacuum cleaner. Getting him the kitty condo was a great choice.


I suggest a tall cat tree. He has his space and you have yours.

Sydland Level 7 Mar 28, 2019

Bigger apt. Another cat.

I wonder if CJ feels as though you are taunting him. Maybe he could use some type of a distraction.

Also how old is he? Is this something he might grow out of? Has he always done this?

@itsmedammit CJ was 10 when I adopted him in September 2018
He is also a known bitter
I think he is unlikely to modify his behaviour, I am thinking of trying to provide better napping locations away from choke points lol not anything as elaborate as all those cat paths in @NoMagicCookie ‘s video but extra options to what he already has

@TiernanMcCann Thank you for adopting an older kitty with issues.


A scaled down version of this may work?


or a cat tree

nogod Level 7 Mar 27, 2019

Squirt bottle, filled with water

nogod Level 7 Mar 27, 2019

I am currently in the process of "catifying" my four-cat home. I have two tree dwellers and two ground dwellers. The issue is with one ground dweller attacking the others and the other ground dweller being attacked by the others.

The tree cats are an easy fix: provide trees, wall mounted shelves, etc...

Providing options for the ground dwellers is not so obvious. I am thinking to offer multiple types and locations of cat beds, along with placing some SLIGHTLY up off the floor.

I wonder if a similar approach might remove your feet from your cat's level, reducing the attacks.

Zster Level 8 Mar 27, 2019

l started to read your post, got about half way and thought OH SHIT!! STILTS!

@nogod Two or four, do you think? (;

ROFL! I was dozey when I replied and automatically jumped to stilts for the CAT. That might work in my home, though!

@nogod I actually own stilts
not sure a 9ft tall version of me walking around will be calming for CJ tho lol would solve my problems tho


Cats can be taught , what you expect of them . Consistency is the key . Each and every time , you walk past him and he attacks you , pretend you're the mother cat . Take a handful of the nap of his neck , in the same way that a mother cat would lift her kitten up , and hold him , so that his mouth and paws , can not reach you . I recommend that you practice when you do not have a phone call , so you have two hands if needed . Pretend you are on the phone and walk in the same manner . You are the Momma cat . He is the spoiled kitty .

Cast1es Level 9 Mar 27, 2019

Wear hip boots.


I'd say to take your calls outside, but that's not always ideal. Is there any room with a door that you can put him in while you are on the phone? If not, maybe discourage the behavior by squirting him with water when he does it.

Kynlei Level 8 Mar 27, 2019
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