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Too funny. It’s actually a real book! I better not find it in Picollo’s toy basket πŸ™ƒ

FSMLion 6 Nov 19
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I own it.

Lilac-Jade Level 9 Nov 19, 2019

Picollo is a cute name for a kitty.

He’s a big boy! 22 Lbs! Part Mainecoon part who knows πŸ˜†

@FSMLion Is he the Orange and White kitty in your pics? He's a big boy. (And he's pretty too).

My Heath (see profile pic) is 12 lbs. I'm told Orange and whites are known for getting pretty big - add some Maine Coon genes and you'll get a big boned one like yours.

@RavenCT Heath looks like a happy boy! I truly believe that Orange (and orange/white) Cats are more friendly and approachable than other tabby breeds/mixes. I could be wrong Of course lol

@FSMLion Everyone I've run into - in cat groups - has said very much the same. They are great ambassadors for the cat world. ❀


I'm so very glad my cats , can't read .

Cast1es Level 8 Nov 19, 2019