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As promised, the story of Frosty, Popsicle, Mittens, and Muffs.

Frosty was a feral calico who showed up on our property years ago. We tried to trap her but always failed. Then we realized that she must have kittens and stopped trying to trap her until we could locate her kittens.

One day, my dogs went crazy outside of a the dog house in my yard (dog house was left by previous owners and does not fit my dogs). I checked in there and found a kitten (grey tabby/white) freezing to death. I took him and slowly warmed him up. He was so weak he couldn't even lift his head up. I didn't think he would survive but he made it. He's probably the cutest kitten I had ever seen. When I had him checked up at the vet they got a chuckle out of my naming him Popsicle. One of my closest friends adopted Popsicle.

We then started seeing Frosty outside with her other kittens I named Mittens (black with white paws) and Muffs (fluffy grey and white). I started feeding them wet cat food under the greenhouse where they liked to hang out during the day, and they came to expect it everyday. One day I was outside to set up a shelter for them, and Frosty came out to watch me, meowed at me, and followed me around. I didn't really know what she wanted, but that was the last time I saw her.

After that, I only saw the kittens out there. It was winter and the temperatures went down to the -30s C. I was worried for the kittens who were about 10-12 weeks old. When we had a bit of a break in the weather, we decided to set up traps by the greenhouse. The kittens must have been very hungry. We caught them both and they were very scared. Muffs was pretty tame but Mittens was quite feisty and challenging. They both were very dirty and had frost bites. Muffs was eventually adopted by another friend of ours.

Mittens, being feisty and a mostly black cat, had no one interested in adopting her. So she has become our cat. She's a bit neurotic but we love her very much.

I am posting their adult pics in the comments.

By graceylou8
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they are adorable girls!

HippieChick58 Level 9 May 29, 2018

You know you're kind of inspiring for us cat nuts. smile001.gif

kmdskit3 Level 8 May 29, 2018

May be I should stop with my stories then. LOL. I'm not sure I want to lead others to do the crazy shenanigans I do.

@graceylou If it's gonna happen it's gonna happen - not your fault! lol

@graceylou Oh no! You are the Pied Piper of Feline Fanatics. You just keep playing that tune and we'll just keep on dancin' ! smile009.gif


I've only done trapping once for a feral and her kittens I found at my old home. And it's hard work and tugs at your heartstrings.

You're doing good work.

RavenCT Level 9 May 29, 2018

It was pretty rough with the two girls. Oh yeah, I didn't specify that Mittens and Muffs are both girls. Mittens was wild. We had to wear gloves to handle her. It took some time before she became domesticated. She ignored toys in the beginning and one day she decided she was going to play. That was it.

@graceylou The adult I brought in from a rescue shelter (where he'd come from an outdoor hoard) took 1 1/2 years to decide he'd jump into my lap.

He now loves all manner of pets - before that it was strictly on his terms - on the floor with plenty of space to get away.

They really can become socialized - and apparently my well adjusted other boy kitty helped him to figure this out. But it is work.
And some don't ever get over their fear.


I got called outside before being able to post. But these are those three "kittens" as adults.

graceylou Level 8 May 29, 2018



Thank you again for taking care of these sweeties. I would do the same thing if I could!!!

poetdi56 Level 7 May 29, 2018

Basically, I didn't want to have a colony of ferals on my property. Female cats started coming to our property when we brought in the horses and the hay and oats that came with them because rodents started coming in for the feed and they have enough prey to feed their kittens. Male cats usually just pass through. So, we wanted to have any ferals on our property spayed/neutered at the very least.

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