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LINK Amazon's Australia donation is less than Jeff Bezos makes in 5 minutes - Business Insider

Yeah he doesn't even pay his workers a decent wage and he's taking benefits away from part-time workers at Whole Foods, so I'm surprised he's donating anything at all.

altschmerz 9 Jan 16
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He didn't have to donate anything why bitch about it it's best that he didn't donate that's a lot of wealthy people donate a lot

Drew69 Level 6 Feb 2, 2020

Well, there are a couple of things. Such as the fact that Bozo didn't come by the money honestly. Basically, because he doesn't pay his employees fairly (or treat them well) he's stealing his labor, so his wealth comes from theft. But there's another question here ...

Have you watched the TV show "The Good Place"? They ask just this question, referencing philosopher T. M. Scanlon's tome What We Owe to Each Other. In it he states, "An act is wrong if its performance under the circumstances would be disallowed by any set of principles for the general regulation of behaviour that no one could reasonably reject as a basis for informed, unforced, general agreement." So according to Scanlon, to what does Bozo owe the folks in Australia? What does anyone who has more money than he could conceivably spend in one lifetime owe anyone else?


Those that have so much are usually the ones who give so little.....

You obviously know nothing you have any idea how much Bill Gates gave to eliminate disease and poverty in other countries he gave more of his wealth away than you gave any of yours

And that's by percentage I bet a big percent of his wealth went to poverty and stricken areas of the world more so than where you probably have ever given away but you'd bitch and moan about it anyway because you're a type that bitches and moan about the wealthy just so you can feel better about yourself

Same with Ellen degenerate she give something away every day and it's in the tens of thousands of dollars if you talk about wealth in a year she's giving away Millions she doesn't have to give any of that away shouldn't have to help people but she does because she cares you're just a bitch

@Drew69 oh wow 2 examples of the wealthy sharing their wealth with others. I bet you feel all proud of yourself calling me a bitch too. You really told me and think you owned a Liberal with your bullshit. All you did was show what a selfish self centered asshole you are.


HE isn't donating, Amazon is paying out - tax benefits still exist for corporations.