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LINK Joint Biden-Sanders task forces unveil progressive platform after months of negotiations - CNNPolitics

Oh brother! I can not believe this bunch of trash is being labeled "progressive."

Rightwing Joe triples down on keeping marijuana illegal, maybe decriminalized, but NOT legal, going back to Obamacare/ACA, a thinly veiled line or two about going Green, MORE police and more money for police, nothing mentioned about prison reform, nothing mentioned about releasing non-violent drug offenders, etc., etc. πŸ˜’πŸ˜’

And this was crafted with the help of AOC and Sanders. smh

I saw poor Bernie talking about this. He's beat up. He looks terrible and he's there touting how Biden may be the MOST progressive possible President ever.

It was tough to watch, much tougher to stomach.

We're going right back to 1994 and his Crime Bill. Without the economic benefits of Bill Clinton's Administration.

SeaGreenEyez 9 July 9
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I like that they invited Bernie & listened to him! That Alone is a Huge improvement over the "I got the best brain" horror we have now!

AnneWimsey Level 9 July 10, 2020

They didn't give one shit about what progressives had to say, especially Sanders. He looks absolutely beaten up and down. He doesn't look like the same man. He's just falling in line, like a good boy that Obama told to fall in line. It's so very sad. And sad for the progressive movement. This is a major fail for progressives.


So, do you want another 4 Year Go Around with this Fucking Nightmare ????????

GEGR Level 7 July 10, 2020

@OwlInASack Go the Fuck Ahead . But Know that is a VOTE FOR 4 MORE YEARS OF THIS SHIT SHOW .

@OwlInASack Go Ahead Dumbass, Re-Elect this Fucking Orange Rancid Pile of Dog Shit . YOU SHALL GET EXACTLY WHAT YOU DESERVE .

@OwlInASack Fuck You, trying to talk to an Asshole like You Makes the Fucking MAGGOT'S Look Smart . Go Away Idiot .

@GEGR Your replies here are EXACTLY what Trumpsters do when faced with the truths about Trump.

If you can't be decent? Stay the fuck out of things I post.

@OwlInASack Wow! So Biden has cult members just like Trump. I find that quite telling.

@OwlInASack That's exactly correct. I lucked out. I'm not allowed to vote where I live and I'll be damned if I'm flying across the country at my own expense to vote for someone I have NO confidence in, don't support his policies, nor do I think his cabinet picks will do shit for anyone but corporate America. So, I'm placing all of my time, effort and energy into progressive Senate challengers. Taking the Senate is a MUST!


DNC never learns. Old school politics as usual. Appeasements. Very sad. And that’s how they hope to get out the vote? They seriously might lose again because they think they are playing it safe.

NJSnarky Level 6 July 9, 2020

You're right. Once again, the actual "left" is completely left out of the whole party. It's sad AOC and others are out there tauting this as some sort of victory.

The DNC doesn't plan to learn anything. You really can't change anything from the inside. It's one huge joke.

thexter, perhaps it cannot be changed from the inside because no one but neoliberals can get to the inside. Bernie and OAC have given up because of this and that tRump is such a fascist and anyone, even a seriously mentally impaired candidate is better than tRump. I still don't know if I'll vote for a third party. It partly depends on who biden picks as a running mate. But he has limited the choice so much that's it unlikely to be a progressive.

@Theresa_N I live in a state that is going to stay blue, so I don't feel compelled to vote for Biden.

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