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Survey Finds Startling Amount of Americans Going Hungry

According to Census Bureau survey data collected in late October and early November, 1 in 8 Americans and 1 in 6 adults in households with children, reported they sometimes or often didn’t have enough food to eat in the past week, with nearly 26 million Americans saying they frequently go hungry.

Gee, so many hungry people, and right here in America? Now, in response - Republicans suggest folks just pull themselves up by their bootstraps, and if that doesn’t work - then perhaps try eating those bootstraps. After all, bootstraps are known to be quite high in soluble fiber. Meanwhile, a confused Ivanka Trump asked her father “Daddy, why would anyone be hungry in America? Have they run out of cake?”

Now, I can remember way back in the day, when kids were told to “Finish your dinner, there are people starving in China, who’d love to eat your dinner.” Now, thanks to President Trump and his “Make America Great Again” program, people in China are now telling their children to “Eat your dinner. There are starving families in America, who’d love to eat your food.” 

So obviously, a lot of people are blaming President Trump and the Republicans for this big mess we’re in. And, to be totally fair, it isn’t as if the Republicans don’t have a plan themselves, because they do.

Their plan revolves around forming new committees to reinvestigate Benghazi and Hillary Clinton e-mails, as well as a whole new round, of super-massive corporate tax cuts, all coming - just as soon as they get back from their well-deserved holiday vacations. And, while that may not do much to feed the hungry, it’ll sure as hell feed Republican donor’s bank accounts.


johnnyrobish 7 Nov 26
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Current hunger statistics are directly caused by the pandemic and associated economic slowdown and a rapid increase in unemployment. For decades Americans have operated with no or little savings, basically living paycheck to paycheck.

While Trump has litle clue how to handle the current pandemic, Pelosi's all or nothing at all approach to additional relief is just as bad.

Alienbeing Level 7 Nov 27, 2020

I do not understand how Trump got so many votes. He is killing his supporters and they are still voting for him.


The only thing startling about it is the fact that white people Are startled about That is startling..

Charlene Level 9 Nov 26, 2020

The losing senator candidate in Arizona asked her supporters to miss a meal so as to send her money. Well, many were already missing meals. There are over 30 million Americans hungry all the time, including 17 million kids. Last year over 50 million experienced some hungry during the year. Meanwhile the top one percent grew their accounts.
Last week I stopped by the local food bank to drop off food from someone who is moving (cleaned out their stash).


It's why my State started frequent food banks so no one goes hungry, I've been helping at least in 9 in mostly my county

bobwjr Level 9 Nov 26, 2020
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