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Two short articles from the Union of Concerned Scientists that get right down to how to find our way out of this mess. An agenda to prioritize for the new Congress!

How to Quarantine a Political Virus: Stopping the Sedition Caucus by Improving Democracy


"A more representative government will feature a diverse set of parties that aren’t stuck in zero-sum opposition, opening new paths for progress on issues. There are several ways to facilitate more parties competing for votes. ..."

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Fighting Corruption, Promoting Evidence

Reforms to Strengthen Democracy for the Public Good


  • Eliminate barriers to voter registration by implementing automatic voter registration, same-day registration, and pre-registration requirements for 16- and 17-year-olds.

  • Protect voter lists from manipulation by prohibiting states from purging voters based on failure to vote or minor inconsistencies in spelling or punctuation between registration lists and IDs.

  • Expand early and provisional voting to ensure that all voters have access to the ballot regardless of limited time or transportation resources or lack of identification.

  • Rein in gerrymandering and partisan bias by requiring nonpartisan redistricting commissions and encouraging proportional representation, which leads to more representative outcomes.

  • Limit the political power of moneyed interests by requiring disclosure of corporate political contributions, strengthening the currently dysfunctional Federal Elections Commission, and implementing public campaign financing.

  • Address officials' conflicts of interest through stronger ethics rules and disclosure requirements.

nicestuff 7 Jan 17
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Dont let the Republicans know, these are their plans to keep America run by old white guys.


These sound like good ideas. I’m sure the fascist republicans will fight them tooth and nail.

I understand there are barriers to voting for some people. I have moved a lot since my divorce and believe government is legitimately trying to make it easier. I have been early voting since it’s been offered so to me, it’s easy.

Wisconsin Republicans didn't make it easy to vote, but the City of Madison still made it as easy as possible, with early voting, curbside voting, and Saturday voting in public parks during the pandemic.

On the other hand, when they remove most of the polling places in Atlanta and other urban areas, when voters in those areas have to stand in line for hours, the motive of voter suppression is so transparent! The US Congress needs to act to reaffirm voting rights and ease of voting. But there needs to be action at the state and county levels too.

@nicestuff Again, I agree and understand that those tactics were put in place by the fascist republicans who are an evil we must fight at every level of government. All the protesting does nothing if you don’t vote.

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