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Calif Democratic Headquarters Bomb Plotter’s Wife Refuses Responsibility for His Release

The Sacramento Bee reports that Jarrod Copeland, one of the two men arrested for plotting to bomb the office of the California Democratic Party, was denied pre-trial release at the very last minute, when his wife hesitated about having to commit to serve as her husband’s legal custodian, which meant monitoring that all the terms of his release are being honored. Her hesitation in the matter occurred shortly after being informed by the court she could be jailed if she failed to report any violations - to which she responded “Yeah, that’s a big responsibility,” and then suggested the court find someone else to be his custodian.

Wow, along with a criminal defense lawyer, sounds like Mr. Copeland’s probably gonna need a divorce lawyer too. Now, I’m certainly no marriage counselor, but I believe if I were Mrs. Copeland, I think I’d take that old passage from those marriage vows "Till Death Do Us Part” - very, very, seriously.

And frankly, I think she has a pretty decent chance of winning in a divorce court if she were to go that route, given the fact that I’m pretty certain “monitoring a terrorist bombing suspect” is not mentioned anywhere in traditional wedding vows.

Of course, if she doesn’t ask for a divorce, you can bet it’s gonna be rather awkward at the Copeland residence during the Thanksgiving holiday. I mean, just how comfortable can you feel, when dinner guests ask questions like “Is it just me, or does this dip smell a wee-bit like plastic explosives?”


johnnyrobish 8 July 22
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Good for her because the nature of the crime should be great enough to not be letting people loose and have their spouse be the one who has the custody of them. WTF is wrong with California?

DenoPenno Level 9 July 22, 2021

Good for her.


That tells me all I need to know about Jarrod Copeland: asshole, misogynist, irrational, self-seeking, irresponsible, dangerous, murderous, and unfit to be in a long term relationship with anybody else, either man or woman.

anglophone Level 8 July 22, 2021

Good for her! What judge in right mind releases a terrorist to a family member’s custody?? Obviously the subject is not controllable or he wouldn’t be building bombs or plotting murder.

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