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Christian Osteopath Claims COVID Vaccines for Children are a Form of Late-Term Abortions

Ohio fundamentalist Christian and anti-vax osteopathic physician Sherri Tenpenny, who has been masquerading as a COVID expert for the past 2 years, recently spoke during a Texas stop of the “ReAwaken America” tour, where she claimed that vaccinating school children against the coronavirus - is a form of “late-tern abortion” and “child sacrifice.” She further added that vaccines are “murder by injection.”

No kidding, and her name is “Tenpenny?” Why, if I were her, I think I’d get that name changed to “Sherri Dime” right away. I mean, why bother carrying all those unnecessary coins around, if you don’t have to? But, then again, changing her name may not even be necessary - given that she’s already running quite a few pennies short of a dime anyway - and her medical advice isn’t worth a plug nickel.

Why, this is the very same “doctor” who has been going around to school boards and city council meetings, trying to convince officials the COVID vaccine causes metal objects to adhere to the skin of people vaccinated. Well, thank goodness somebody is finally reporting it. I mean, a vaccine that does that, could easily drive every “refrigerator magnet company” right out of business. Let that sink in for a while.

But, I get what she’s saying - “vaccinating children is murder.” What I don’t get is, given that we’ve already vaccinated more than a million kids so far - where the hell are all the bodies? Never mind, silly me - I should have known. Hillary, Barack Obama, Tom Hanks, and Joe Biden - already had them secretly buried deep below the basement of the White House.

Now, I’m sure lots of folks are angry that someone from the medical community would spew all this nonsense. Well, let’s give her the benefit of the doubt. I mean, there’s always the possibility she may be suffering from a severe head injury, or perhaps she may have simply eaten way too much lead paint as a child. All I know is, after all the COVID research she’s done, she certainly deserves to be awarded with another degree - “Doctor of Sociopathic Medicine.”

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johnnyrobish 7 Nov 19
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Sounds like she's had a late term lobotomy.

BitFlipper Level 8 Nov 28, 2021

Ya just know if the gop gets back in they will start digging, don't you?


And another Republiturd Nut Job steps forward .

GEGR Level 7 Nov 21, 2021

Simply more proof of how we, as individuals and groups, are the ones behind most of our problems. There was a report on how Fauci and the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, have been getting so many hate calls they had to shut down the lines.The anger was about a false story the agency had used beagles being put in a cage with swarms of sand flies as an experiment. People read these things and automatically think (or want to) they are real and start spreading more lies which leads to a further break down of important institutions.


JackPedigo Level 9 Nov 20, 2021

She doesn't look like a physician to me. That jacket belongs on a hairdresser.

BitFlipper Level 8 Nov 19, 2021

Yes it does & I bet she paid Plenty for it!


I know where all those children could be; she probably ate them.

Organist1 Level 7 Nov 19, 2021

I’m sure she was a hit in Texass!

One of the churches she spoke at had to issue an apology for allowing her group to use their church for political purposes, you know something about violating the Johnson amendment.

@glennlab wow, that’s something for them to even admit they were in the wrong for having her there. Maybe there is hope that some of them are waking up.

@Redheadedgammy It was a back handed apology posted only on their website after they were put on notice of pending litigation.

@glennlab Why am I not surprised….



MsKathleen Level 8 Nov 19, 2021

There are a few all around the country, Eastern Shore Maryland Andy Harris, MD Republican trumper supported the Jan 6th insurrection

bobwjr Level 10 Nov 19, 2021

Sherri Tenpenny is doing all she can to raise the Idiocy Quotient of the United $tates of Absurdity.

She is also a liar, an obscene psychopath, a clear and present danger to society, and a Christian.

anglophone Level 8 Nov 19, 2021

Very late term abortion..why one could say Postpartum abortion..which I didn't think was possible, but apparently in Evangelical world it Is..thanks for the update..

Charlene Level 9 Nov 19, 2021

What is worst than the triple the speed of covid deaths this year because of vaccines. Is the immune system it destroys. Look at Europe has increased by 10% deaths this week and putting the restriction back on. Hospital bed are full and 25% of general surgery has been cancelled. Pharmaceutical corporation science is in for world record profits. The state, banks and media do the same propaganda dance.


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