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Lara Trump Outraged Over Dollar Tree Price Increase

Lara Trump went on Fox News to express her outrage over Dollar Tree raising its prices on items from $1 to $1.25. The reason given was inflation and supply chain issues - all of which she blamed on Joe Biden. She also implied that she and Eric shop there, adding that like all parents, they are always “on the lookout for things as cheaply as possible,” and Dollar Tree is "a favorite of so many parents across America."

Now, she and husband Eric Trump are worth $300 million, so I can fully understand why a Dollar Tree price hike of 25 cents would absolutely horrify them. No doubt, that’s where Lara and Eric do all their Christmas shopping. Why, if this Dollar Tree price inflation continues, Eric may be forced to steal even more money from one of the Trump “charities,” just to keep afloat. Frankly, if I were Lara, I’d be more concerned about the cost of Botox, than what they charge for anything over at Dollar Tree, but that’s just me.

Of course, the truth is, Lara Trump has probably never even seen a Dollar Tree store, let alone shop at one. In fact, I seriously doubt if Lara does any of her own shopping whatsoever - she has “people” who do that for her. If she tries to tell you otherwise, just tell her she’s full of “crap” - which, by the way, now costs $1.25 over at Dollar Tree. The thing is, Lara Trump doesn’t need to shop at Dollar Tree. Not when she has very her own personal Dollar Tree - it’s called the “Trump family tree.”

Fact is, you’d be much more likely to see Donald Trump eating a big plate full of veggies, than you would be to see Lara Trump shopping at a Dollar Tree. I mean, where the hell would her driver even park the Rolls in a Dollar Tree parking lot? But I get it, lots of families get their Christmas decorations cheap at Dollar Tree, but I don’t see how that would concern anyone in the Trump family. After all, I’m sure they get all their Christmas decorations, by stealing them from orphanages.

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johnnyrobish 8 Nov 29
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And people nod thier heads when she speaks, AS IF she is "one of them".

AnneWimsey Level 9 Nov 29, 2021

No Trump would be caught dead, shopping in a Dollar Tree!

davknight Level 8 Nov 29, 2021

She is a total bullshitter. Dollar tree makes much of their money selling items which you can find at big warehouse stores for less. Dollar Trees exist mostly under the cities and in under served markets, where people find it difficult to shop elsewhere. Sure, some are located in a suburb or more rural town, but even then, there usually aren't many larger stores nearby.


Yup, I seen them in my local Dollar Tree..all decked out, dressed to the T's, sashaying down the ailses, she pilfers the beauty supplies, while he jams chips and cookies into his cavernous maw, their give away was the googly eye disguises.

Charlene Level 9 Nov 29, 2021

What a moron, they don't shop there it's just Biden bashing

bobwjr Level 10 Nov 29, 2021

I think she is full of it. Imagine her and Eric shopping there. That hits me about the same way things did when Eric claimed people would find him on the street and hug him and cry with him because "his daddy was not president any more." Lying bastards.

DenoPenno Level 9 Nov 29, 2021
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