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When a MSCM commits the same crime they observe in the president while exposing the real agenda. Again.

The last time I used a US Today article, this one comes from The Washington Post. Exposing the truth while still attempting to deceive the reader of the same crimes and unethical practices it was supporting from the beginning. It's another text book example of a MSCM walking back from their participation of a fabricated war scenario while also excluding itself from responsibility as they observe the wheels falling off this clown cart. Only critical thinking people can put this puzzle together who have a genuine knowledge of the history in this region, or taken the time to educate themselves as people expose it for them. As each week goes by more and more people are waking up to the fact that a paper facade has been created that's been flapping in the wind and blowing away it pieces. That paper trail will eventually provide the evidence many have been attempting to provide all along.

‘Cry ‘Havoc!’ And Let Slip The Dogs Of War’

*Crying havoc was the act of shouting an instruction by a military commander. It was customary for soldiers to remain in their disciplined state throughout a battle, and do everything to win in that way. And then, once victory had been achieved, the commander would shout ‘Havoc!’ That was the signal for the soldiers to break ranks and rush in to plunder, rape and pillage in the defeated territory.

The ‘dogs of war’ are the soldiers. Shakespeare uses the metaphor of attack dogs. Letting slip introduces another word – ‘slip’ – which is an action in training attack dogs. The term ‘slip collar’ is still used in connection with the training of dogs, where the slip collar tightens around the dog’s neck and, controlled by the handler, restrains it from its natural desire to run freely. The collar can be released and thrown off by using a trigger device, allowing the dog to charge forward. That is known as ‘slipping’ the dog.

Only this wasn't for a case like the revenge of the assassination of Julius Caesar, it has been for the assassination of freedom, democracy, and history of 2 other countries. Splitting apart one, while falsely demonizing another for voicing their rights of their own security and rightfully supporting a people who have been facing war crimes for 8 years who share their language and culture. These are aspects of society and reality the US governments have been tearing apart from others for virtually its entire history. In which Biden has played a major role in his entire time as a representative. Today, the government of Ukraine plays that role for the western governments as it continually accuses Russia for crimes itself has been committing for 8 years. Using the same tactics the western governments have used for the middle east wars especially. With the help of terrorist like groups just the same. Proving who indeeds hold the fascist nature.

Biden at war: Inside a deliberate yet impulsive Ukraine strategy

The crowd at Warsaw’s Royal Castle was still jubilantly waving Polish and American flags when President Biden’s aides realized they had a serious problem.

Biden had just delivered a forceful speech March 26 in Poland’s capital — seeking to rally the world against Russia’s war in Ukraine — before careening off-script in the final minute of his remarks to seemingly call for the removal of Russian President Vladimir Putin: “For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power.”

Offstage — as their motorcade idled, waiting to spirit the U.S. president back to Air Force One and back to Washington — Biden’s team raced to clean up his ad-lib.


Obama aides should have seen this problem in 2013 as they were ramping up this war machine then. For all intensive purposes, that history provides the very evidence that it wasn't Russia's war, it was Ukraine's war, which drew Russia into it. By the same standards forced into the imagine of the world citizenship, how could Russia be guaranteed that Ukraine wouldn't keep marching through the Donbas region right into Russia? NATO provides the very rightful insecure sense of distrust. Why would a sane world society accept the onslaught of the genocide campaign being waged on the people of this region in the first place? The real question for us is, how have they managed to avoid the world societies acknowledgment of its existence to now supporting its fascist nature. While twisting that nature falsely on to Russia. Let ask god how that works?

{The 37-minute scramble to clarify Biden’s nine-word gaffe, details of which have not been previously reported, illustrates the singular role Biden has played during Russia’s brutal invasion of Ukraine

As the war enters its seventh week Thursday, Biden has left his distinct imprint on the crisis — in ways both intentional and not, and in ways that have both clarified and complicated the situation.}

We now return you back to the scheduled programing. Lets talk about brutal. Brutal would be what the western governments have been doing for 20 years in the middle east. Laying waste to cites of any size with enormous numbers of citizens lives lost. Virtually every large major city with populations in the millions turned to rubble with a total loss of all infrastructure making living basically the same as the stone ages. While primarily in the Donbas region, most of that destruction done by Ukraine over 8 years, as they continued to rid it of the fascist invaders who used public sources to shield themselves. Russia has had the humanity to follow the violence with humanitarian aid within days and help evacuate citizens. You have to follow the sources outside of MSCM to know this though.

But like the war only being seven weeks old, that to is part of the deception of MSCM erasing the scope of the war in which manages perceptions, we're not to know this knowledge either. Primarily to them, you're only to know what they want you to think. Russia targeting mainly military positions outside of the Donbas regions must be twisted to reverberate the demonic speak. The latest Bucha incident just a day later already had the wheels falling off the accusations, just as many of the other accusations. It's more likely that these people were killed by fascist for taking humanitarian aid from the Russian troops. A statement of such actions are on record. War is ugly enough, we must learn to recognize when accusations are factual or a means to extend the war. It should be quite obvious by now what the intent of the Ukraine government and western governments want now. Facts, citizens, and history be damed to fulfill that agenda.

{But Biden’s response to the crisis has also been deeply emotional. It led him to make off-the-cuff comments, as he did in Warsaw. And it led him, earlier in March in Washington, to get ahead of his own administration — and the international community — when he dubbed Putin a “war criminal.”

“For Biden, this is personal,” said Alina Polyakova, president and CEO of the Center for European Policy Analysis. “He spent a huge amount of time working on Ukraine when he was vice president. I think he’s deeply invested personally in the future of the country, and I think he personally sees this as his major test for his presidency.”}

I imagine it is quite emotional for him. There's a hint of 2014 in here also with being personally invested as he committed unethical practices then along with his son Hunter. Who is again making news due to his lap top emails and association with the bio labs in Ukraine. Which the MSCM refuses to investigate and UN members are deceptively attempting to cover up. Biden needs to step up on the soap box of war criminals first. MSCM doesn't do investigative journalism anymore though, they report what they're told to report. You won't get all the countries who are attempting to stay out of this or the protest of citizens worldwide protesting against their governments sending more weapons to extend this war. There's no genuine attempt to come to a sensible end, only feeding it more devices of death.

{'No off ramps': U.S. and European officials don't see a clear end game in Ukraine
Two days later, a Saturday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky virtually addressed members of Congress. For roughly an hour, the Ukrainian leader pleaded with lawmakers to send military support in the form of weapons, antitank and anti-air missile systems, and asked for the U.S. to institute a no-fly zone over Ukraine.}

Sanctions and trade which none of these people care about. Our economy seems to be working just fine for the ruling class with record profits during 2 years of manufacturing a fake market for their benefit. Zelensky is getting his ass handed to him for betraying his people as a peace seeker, yet all he does is beg for more weapons while attempting to draw western governments into a war that can only become drastically worse for everyone globally. Once the fascist are taken out, separated from the Ukrainian troops, the Ukrainian troops often lay down their arms. Many of them have no desire to kill civilians. Who does he think is going to operate all these new weapons for him? Ship in more terrorist? Ship our families in over another manufactured demonization of yet another country on false pretenses?

{In some respects, Biden’s handling of the crisis has been a success story for his administration. He came to office promising to restore America’s credibility on the global stage}

Consider "in some respects" with grave concern. Who is successful here? It sure the hell isn't the people in any parts of Ukraine. The entire aspect of civilian life has been as cannon fodder.

William_Mary 8 Apr 7
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