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Photos Emerge of LGBTQ-Hating Congressman Madison Cawthorn In Women’s Lingerie

Politico has just published leaked photos of family values, LGBTQ-hating, White Christian Nationalist, US Congressman Madison Cawthorn (R-NC) at a party - wearing a black lace brassiere, large sterling silver hoop earrings, and a silver necklace he held seductively between his teeth. His right hand appears to be circling his nipple in an attempt to appear alluring. Cawthorn claims the pics are just a big “nothing burger,” taken at a party on a “vacation cruise.”

Oh, I get it! Things like cross-dressing are just fine if you’re totally wasted on some cruise ship, but “real life” gay and transgender people are “an affront to decency and to God?” Gee whiz, who knew Evangelical White Christian Nationalists were totally cool with folks cross-dressing at drug-laden sex parties while they’re on vacation? I guess I must have missed that lesson in bible study class. Now, me suspects it’s a case of “ye who doth protest too much.”

That’s right, Rep. Cawthorn says these pics we see are all just a big “nothing burger,” from a party he attended while on a vacation cruise. Guess that must have been a “Disney Cruise.” Better have Gov. Ron DeSantis look into that. After all, he’s the Disney expert and he’d know if good old Cawthorn’s secretly trying to “groom” America’s children. The fact is, while I agree it certainly does look like Cawthorn was “cruising,” I’m not so sure it was on a ship.

One thing’s for sure, I guess we don’t have to wonder what Cawthorn wears to those “Republican cocaine orgies” he claims he gets invited to? Funny how quickly one can go from “cross-burner” to “cross-dresser.” Oh well, I guess gurls just wanna have fun! And, then it occurred to me, why this is the very thing Tucker Carlson warned could happen - if men don’t “tan their testicles.”

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johnnyrobish 8 Apr 23
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Soooo, how'd he get that excellent fit on that fetching bra-thingy? If it was all impropmptu.......

AnneWimsey Level 9 Apr 23, 2022

Maddie is a liar and fraud. His true self is being revealed daily! 🤣🤣🤣


The western societies have been blissfully conformed into a hate doctrine. It's not merely a republican matter either. The current Ukraine Russophobia issue is a major example of this as it was the democrat party who took the primary lead on this one. Even the UK which was seen as a society with more acceptable views has recently been accused of possibly being worse than the US on this one. Latino hate originating from Latin America also a construct both parties have finger prints on over decades. African Americans here in the US. I just seen an article this morning claiming Asian hate is still climbing, again both parties.

You can plant the narrative of it being primarily a republican construct, but the truth is both of these parties have a long history of fertilizing the issue towards todays results. It's a failure of society for not recognizing that the system is the source of rot in the field of divisional politics. Which I found after reading another post you made previously following your link to your other works. A practice towards primarily republican dissent that erases the democrats collaboration and their own compliance to the ruling class agendas.

The hate against LGBTQ has been well recorded and reached up ticks during the Obama Administration during the 2016 election cycle. Then laws, as now in education, were being developed towards a culture cancel change creating that up tick of hate, and as now in regards to education, there's virtually no genuine attempt by democrats to confront this hate productively. We can add the Jan 6th capital attacks to this political social failure also.

I am a socialist, I am not a Democrat. In addition, I write satire, so my primary goal in my pieces is sarcasm and mockery.